Halo And Micro-Bead Hair Extensions

Artificial hair integration is a term commonly used as hair weaving or hair extension in which artificial hair is attached at the ends adding up to its length and quality. Earlier people used to hesitate in doing any experiments to their hair with less of knowledge and help but with the advancement in technology and through aggressive research and remedies now day hair extensions have got very popular amongst people both with men and women, with women obviously in a more flowing demand. With full knowledge about the whole procedure and understanding of the whole technique people are now keep experimenting new things in the beauty line.

There are various different hair extension techniques that a person can opt for while going under a hair extension treatment. Some of the few hair extension techniques are strand by stand, cold fusion, micro bead hair extensions, hot fusion or keratin hair extension, sew in or braided hair extension, halo hair extensions, etc. are some of the most commonly used hair extension techniques which are available in almost every salon in the market.

Out of this Micro bead hair extensions and halo hair extensions are getting very popular in the market these days. In micro bead which is also commonly called as micro rings or micro loop extensions are done with the usage of small metal beads or ring of aluminium (usually) and can also be sometimes lined up with silicon in order to attach the artificial hair. Making small sections of the natural hair and with the usage of a special tool tightening them it helps to clamp up the beads around the natural hair. On the other hand there is halo hair extension technique which is very commonly used by many women all over the world as it can be experimented sitting back at home. In halo there is a loop of hair tied up well together in a band that has got a very thing string attached all together. The band can be put on the hair in a way by taking out the upper semi hair on the top over the halo extension in order that the halo gets hidden under so as to get a different long hair look, there a lot many tutorials to look up online so as to understand of how a halo extension is to be done. Also, if a woman wishes to go and get it attached from the salon itself, one can do so as well. It is a temporary attachment of hair but it is used widely all across the globe.

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