How do You Leave your Mark?

By Steven Harper

How do you leave your mark? I love art and literature, so immediately my mind started to imagine different types of writing apparatus that leave marks. After a few moments I realised that we are all like markers in stationary store!

We come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles; we all work in different ways, but with the same purpose… to leave a mark.

We all leave different marks for different amounts of time, but each mark is unique and serves a purpose in either our life or in someone else’s. Do you see yourself as someone who leaves temporary marks that teach others, like chalk, or do you see yourself as the ball point that shares your love with your friends in their lives? Here are some other examples:

Brush: A wide spreading mark, often done in an arty way, such as the Jesus vs Religion video from (I need to insert his name, I have forgotten it!)

A crayon: A simple mark, often spontaneous and used to spread happiness with the uses and often their parents (I am thinking of random acts of kindness here)

Invisible Ink! Yes, the pen that leaves a mark and then later reveals a new truth that was previously unseen by its user. Like when we sow a seed through relationship, and build on that personal connection to go deeper into the meanings behind our faith at a later time.

There are so many ways that we can share our faith, and be the loving servants that Christ asks us to be, and the truth is that we may do several of the above in our lives.

But what sort of marker are you? How do you share your faith? How can you leave your mark? More importantly, when you share your faith and love with someone, is it temporary or is it a permanent mark to be seen for eternity?

And for those who are discouraged from rejection when sharing your faith, remember, even after it has been cleaned off, a permanent trace still remains of what was once written.

Yesheis facilitates all types of Christians, we have videos that teach, videos that sow a seed, and videos that have a hidden meaning waiting to be discovered through discussion and relationship.

Make sure you use this resource, because it can help you to make your mark a permanent one.

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