The Power of the Unseen

By Steven Harper

Everyone is unique. We all have something that makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd, whether it’s being strikingly good looking (like myself!) or if it because you have funny hairs that grow out of your nose, there is always something that distinguishes us from everyone else.

If you think about it properly, that is pretty insane! From Adam and Eve, to Julius Caesar, to Usain Bolt, there have been approximately 108 Billion people who have walked the earth throughout history.

But each one of us are unique, we all have something different to any of those before or to come. So when the Bible says that God knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7), even if you are bald you are special, and more importantly you can begin to see the true power and incredible majesty of God.

But God loves more than just one thing. He loves those parts of us that no one else can see. He loves who we are, no matter how much we fail him. He even gives us things that we can’t see; gifts and talents that help to mould who we are and form a major part of our uniqueness. We are special. And God loves every one of us.

I was watching a video on yesHEis about a guy called Stephen Wiltshire and I couldn’t help but think ‘this guy is amazing!’ He has an ability to remember whole city landscapes and draw them from memory. I can’t even remember what I did 5 minutes ago, let alone draw everything I remember to incredibly accurate detail!

The video portrays a person that on the outside, has no distinguishing features, but contains an amazing and unique talent that makes him unique in a wonderfully beautiful way. What inspires me is that God sees this in every one of us. With each individual talent or gift, God delights in who we are and what makes us special.

Sharing faith with relevance and confidence is a gift, and a very unique one at that. But there is no denying a video that clearly communicates Gods presence and creativity, even as a non-believer. All we need is the courage to share, and all that is required is character and passion. Our talents and gifts make each of us special to God, so never be ashamed to show and tell your friends the evidence of perfect creator, his beautiful creation, and love.

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