Best (and Worst) Colours To Paint Your Home Interior for a Quick Sale

Looking to sell your house?

Well, congratulations!

Welcome to the process. Along with all of the other things you have to worry about — finding an agent, making repairs, etc., etc., — there is one big factor that you might want to consider: colour.

The colour of the interior of your home can prove to be a powerful factor in the sale and even the sale price of a home.

As proven by science and psychology, colour can be an important, influential reason for an interested party to either give a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down to when they’re in the job market.

So what colours should you use throughout the different rooms of the house?

We’re here to help!

Here, you can find a list of the best — and the worst — colours to paint your home interior for a quick sale.


In the place where you work all your food magic, there are a few specific colours you want to work with.

Before you go and put the house on the market, go ahead and paint your kitchen in a shade of appealing, calming blue — it’s recommended to look for something in the range of either “light blue” all the way up to “grayish blue.”

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On the opposite end, try to avoid a busy, exciting colour like yellow. That can cause a negative effect on the buyer.


Just like in the kitchen, blue rules.

The calming, peaceful notes of this colour give an impression of elegance and grace to this room, leaving an appealing impression in the visitor’s mindset. You have a wide range of shades for the bedroom blue, too — you can venture from a lighter blue all the way into the darker, more appealing cadet blue, if you’re looking to be a little adventurous.

A note on what to avoid: stay away from cartoonish pinks or light reds in the master bedroom, which do nothing for the visitor but deliver childish notes. Add at least some of that calming colour to help with the quick sale.


Okay, you’re going to notice a bit of a trend here, but blue is again the way to go here in the bathroom.

Again, the calming notes of blue deliver a powerful psychological statement to visitors and potential buyers. You also have a bit more license to be more experimental with these colours — go ahead and experiment with lighter or darker blues, and go all the way into the purple realm (Prince would love it) if you want to be a little adventurous.

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What to avoid?

The blandness of white is something to run away from — it does little to help the imagination of any potential buyer.


Want to sit down to eat? Wait, you’re never going to guess — yep, for wall colours it’s light or pale blue. Don’t go too dark here. Stick with the lighter tones.

The opposite?

Just think of classic London busses, or Jeremy Corbyn’s tie, it’s red. Any shade of red proves to be too exciting and busy for this room.


Finally, a room where blue isn’t the colour to choose!

Instead, go with a colour in an appealing, vibrant shade of brown.

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That means a colour like light beige, pale taupe, or oatmeal (you’d think the dining room would love that one, but you’d be wrong). You can also try a shade of grey to see if that appeals to your senses.

However, unlike just about every other room in the house, you want to avoid any aspects of blue in this room. It’s just too calming and unobtrusive for this room.


The entrance to the interior of the house can prove to be an important factor for the house!

If you’re looking to paint the front door, go with either a dark grey or charcoal in the grey realm or a navy blue in the blue realm. These colours project a sturdy, solid influence to any visitor that may arrive to the house. On the opposite end, avoid painting the house’s front door with any gaudy, wacky or experimental colours.

You want to project stability right at the start.

If you’re not sure how much your house is worth and want to sell quickly (and you’re based in the UK) get a free valuation within 24 hours:

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