This explains much.
Sexy Hermit

For all those criticizing the people who voted for Trump; this is excerpted from the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index.

"Instead of seeking to understand the causes of the popular backlash against the political establishment, some have instead sought to delegitimise the Brexit and Trump outcomes by disparaging the values of those who supported them. Even when they acknowledge that Brexit and Trump supporters had legitimate reasons to be unhappy with the status quo, some commentators suggest that their views and/or their choices are illegitimate. This negative interpretation of the seminal political events of 2016 fails to see anything encouraging in the increased political engagement and participation of ordinary people. [...] The predominant response among political elites to the events of 2016 has been to rue the
popular backlash against the democratic order and to interpret it as a threat to the future of liberal democracy. Some have even questioned whether ordinary people should be trusted to make decisions about important matters such as the UK’s membership of the EU. Yet the popular backlash against the established order can also be seen as a consequence, not a cause, of the failings of contemporary democracy."

I have the full EIU Democracy Index if anyone wants to read it. (I’ll send it to anyone who asks.) 
America has fallen from "Full Democracy" to "Flawed Democracy". America is #21 in the ranking, equal to Italy, and directly below Japan.

By the way, I’m not a Trump supporter; just someone who tried to fix injustice on both sides of the spectrum.

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