Question of the Day: Did You Move for a Relationship?
Nicole Dieker

Yes! I moved from America to England to be with my husband four years ago. We spent the first three months of our marriage living in opposite countries while I finished grad school. I graduated in early December, he came over in mid-December so we could do Christmas with my family and on the day after, we flew to the UK together with all my stuff. It was very much visa related — we actually went through the application process for his visa for America first, well before we were married, and never heard anything back over the course of 8….9 months? So that October I applied for a spousal visa for the UK and less than two weeks later I had my passport back, visa inside. Woo!

Anyway, I guess the answer goes:

  1. I moved.
  2. I’m a woman.
  3. I didn’t quit a job, I’d just gotten a master’s degree.
  4. We both paid for the moving costs.
  5. I’m super super happy I did it, although I miss America terribly sometimes. It was definitely the right choice for us. (Yay NHS! Yay parental leave and 25 days minimum paid holiday per year!)