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It was March of 2017. I was inspired to begin illustrating out of frustration over recent political developments and a sheer desire for representation. I had many frustrations as a young Arab-Muslim-American woman (a mouthful, I know) who didn’t quite fit in anywhere. I wondered whether people knew that I flinched every time a car passed me in the parking lot because I was afraid of being attacked. Did they know how annoyed I got when they asked if I was hot in my hijab? Were people aware that asking “but where are you really from?” made me feel so…

It had to be pink. Any shade of pink would do, I’d been told. Any shade? I wrinkled my nose at the memory.

Some are totally going to come in hot pink, I thought.

I sighed to myself for maybe the tenth time since I’d been told a week ago that my best friend wouldn’t be having formal bridesmaids. I’d been looking forward to being a bridesmaid since I was 12. And now, it was just any shade of pink.

Well, I thought, if it had to be pink I knew exactly where to go.

I pulled the Macy’s door…

On route to Detroit, 2014

I was on a plane heading home. I was nervous because, though I’d been on plane rides before, this would be my first ride where the ticket indicated a stop with “no plane change.” I hoped I didn’t mess it up. What if when the plane landed they all had to get off and then the plane took off without me? What if I was supposed to get off and read the ticket wrong and the plane took off without me? …

Huda F

Sweaty illustrator of the webcomic “Yes, I’m Hot in This.” Enjoys coffee and a cool breeze.

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