Google…And a lit ticks

Its suppose to be Analytics. #BadJoke

We live in a time where everything that we do in the digital world is connected and analyzed. From where you are going, to that nice pair of shoes you bought online and much more. Havent you always wondered by just typing ‘’ takes you to ‘’ automatically, or those shoes that you purchased last week, keep appearing on every single other website you open. This is because of cookies, which is just data that is stored on your computer when you are browsing through a website.

The reaction of all Analytics software when they see cookies in your computer. Source: Giphy

Analytics is very important for any website, because it is very important to understand the behavior of the visitors to each website. It is not about the number of visitors it is much deeper then that, like where do they log in from, what are they looking at, and what they want to look at, and so on. An Analytics software is able to reveal the answer to these plus many more details. Analytics is mainly to help save costs for many websites, and use this cost towards something else.


There are many analytics software available, such as Google Analytics, Clicky etc. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Its free! Google Analytics being a free tool to help and support many start up companies allocate their resources in an efficient way.
  2. You are able to use this in any environment, such as website, an application, a kiosk, basically anything that is connected to the web.
  3. An online course to help educate users about how to use the software called Google Analytics Academy.
  4. Google has been a household name for like forever, so users will trust the quality of the service they are receiving from Google Analytics.


  1. 1. From a lot of the users reviewing Google Analytics, the most common issue is that the information is sometimes hard to find, and sometimes confusing. The Academy that is offered can take several hours to go through, which makes it not a great tool, if you are working with a strict time frame.
  2. 2. The free version of Google Analytics is great for almost anyone that doesn’t have a large volume of traffic, but for larger companies that need to analyze higher traffic may need to upgrade to Premium, which is for $150,000.
  3. 3. Last but not the least, is that GOOGLE gets everything you get. Every single set of data, results and analysis, will be with google for their own benefit.
Source: Giphy