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An app used by 1 billion users every day, that is 1 in every 7 people in the world, that send around 55 billion messages on a daily basis.

There are an unbelievably high number of messages going through, and many people use this as a medium to discuss private matters. So the question is, how do I maneuver through whatsapp to build my privacy setting catered for me and my personal information.

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“Who can see my personal info?” This is the first question asked to whatsapp users upon opening up the privacy settings. Under this there are various options for one to play with when it comes to assuring the protection of any user’s personal information.

1.Last seen: Who can see when I was last online? And when are they able to track my online activity? The three options it has are Everybody, My contacts, and Nobody. Many people usually select the My contacts option, but selecting the Nobody option will ensure that you have maximum privacy. This can also be helpful to ignore some of the people’s messages you have been avoiding to reply.

2.Profile photo: This is useful to make sure that the ‘FIRE’ selfie that you took while studying for EID100 midterm, doesn’t get seen/shared by everybody. The options are the same here as above, but the best option for this would be to only share it with My contacts, making sure that anyone that gets your phone number cant see your picture anytime they want.

3.About: WhatsApp has a section where users can write something about themselves, in 130 characters. Firstly make sure that you don’t write any personal information, but even if you do, make sure again that only My contacts can see and not the whole world(Everybody).

4.Blocked contacts: This can be one of the most useful features if you don’t want a certain someone to contact you again. Using this feature is very simple, just go to this option and tap the icon on the top right to add anyone on your contacts from this list.

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5.Read receipts: Where it gives you time to think about what you want to reply back. This setting ensures that when you read peoples messages on the chat, the two blue checkmarks don’t blow your cover; they don’t really know if you read it or not.

WhatsApp is one of the best and simplest apps to use to stay in contact with friends and family all around the world. But using these simple steps can help you ensure your privacy stays in your control.

Source: Giphy
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