Vietnamese Sandwich in London

After having had the delicious Hakata tonkotsu ramen the first night in London, I got excited the next morning. I woke up early and started my food hunting day by looking for ‘breakfast’ and ‘sandwich’ on LLama. Our data reviewers had prepared the dishes very well. I was happy to see ‘Banh Mi’ showed up in the list. And it had good reviews. I tapped on the restaurant’s name and got the directions.

The restaurant is in Shoreditch which is about 24 minutes by metro from my apartment. The name is Kêu’s Banh Mi.

When I got there, there was already a line of customers waiting to order and waiting for pickup. The menu seemed to be authentic. The people behind the counter were speaking to each other in Vietnamese, so I knew I was at the right place. In the back of my head, the thoughts of not eating traditional English food in London still bugged me; but to my defense, London is a big city and also a melting pot. So testing out ‘foreign’ food here should not be a wrong method for the experiment after all. None of the people who were waiting in that line but me looked ‘foreign’ anyway ;)

I ordered their special Banh Mi and a Cafe Sua Nong (Hot Vietnamese coffee.) The sandwich was the bomb even thought its size was roughly 2/3 of the ones in San Francisco which are already smaller than the ones in Vietnam or in Orange County, CA. The bread was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The meat was juicy and savory. Pate was on point and the sauce was good in connecting all the components together. All that made it a very good sandwich overall. I noticed that they used the red chili just like in Vietnam, instead of the green jalapeno back in the States.

Nothing made a better morning than a real filtered drip Vietnamese coffee. You just sit there enjoying your morning chat with a friend or reading a newspaper while your coffee drops slowly in the background. Many Vietnamese prepare their coffee with Cafe du Monde coffee grounds, which includes chicory. It’s a vestige of their French Indo-China colonial history.

I also ordered their Cantonese-style roasted duck with rice for later since the banh mi was very good and I wanted to try out different dishes there.

Another meal in London and the more confident I was in the vision of the project: travel to a distant city and the good food is waiting for you there. Check out other parts of this London series!