Tips to Brighten up your Home and Office for Holi Party

Holi, the festival of colours, and one of the best and the most fun-filled times of the year, is just round the corner. And what better way to celebrate it than with your family and friends! Throwing a Holi party is a thing that most people do. Setting up Holi party incorporates a lot of vivid tasks like arranging for dance and music, decorations and gifts. So if you are planning to host the party this year, here are a few tips for home decoration that might come handy and make your party more lively and exciting.

The Venue:

Holi parties are undoubtedly messy and hence need an open space. A garden or a terrace can be great options. For the ones living in flats, their living spaces can also be a choice for the venue. So, the first and the foremost thing is to prepare these places for the party.


Mostly Holi is celebrated outdoors. But it is equally important to make the indoors look festive. Let the larger pieces be where they are, and replace the smaller and the older ones. Add some interesting pieces and make the place look more colourful. You can go in for some cushions for the sofas or decorate the side table with colourful vases or artificial pieces like bouquets, etc. You can find some great options on like The Purple Bonsai Tree just for just Rs. 499. Other options available here include the yarn bottles which are a beautiful yet unique option. You can also make the place look brighter just be updating your bed sheets and curtains and adding some colourful designs and patterns.

Lights and Lanterns:

No doubt Holi is all about colours, but adding some colourful hanging lanterns or multi-hued lights is sure to enhance the look of your place. For some amazing option, shop on where you can find products like the Hanging Lanterns combo and various others at very reasonable prices. Here, you can also find some interesting options like the IQ Lamp and that too without having to shed a lot of money.

Some Ethic Home Décor:

Painted pots make a very attractive and easy option for home décor during the festive season. Decorate any corner of your home with some beautifully painted pots from websites. Here you can find some great option like the Warli Art Handmade Pot or the African Art Handmade Pot. Cluster them in a corner, and they can add a beautiful colourful look to your place!

You can also go for some brightly painted and funky looking candle stands. For some wonderful options that are money-saving too, find pieces like the Lantern Candle Holder just for Rs.439 or the Ganesh Candle Holder for Rs.325 only. Also, you can find décor items like the Gel Candle Glass or the Black Embossed Pillar Candle or the Red Bar Candles, all at attractive prices. Even fragrant candles are a good option for creating a festive environment.

Also, you may use aroma oils diffuser for the desired fragrance by using oils of your choice like Lemongrass, Strawberry, Rose, Lavender and many others. Also, there is a wide variety of electric oil diffusers to select from. They are also a perfect return gift if you wish to give away to your employees in office or guests after the party.

The Walls and Floor:

It is equally important to decorate the walls and floor of your home for a colourful and festive look. Try some DIY ideas or look on for some great options. Here you can find some great stuff like wall hangings and wall clocks. Go in for some bright rugs that will complement your home décor. These will add a quirky appeal to the place.

Another option is wall paintings. You can find some beautifully appealing yet sophisticated options on the website like the Caribbean Art Canvas Board or the Spectrum Lilies Painting or the Alluring Mohini and that too at reasonable prices.

Flowers and Balloons:

What better options than flowers and balloons to decorate your place this Holi. Put them all over the stair railings, in the garden or the terrace. Even marigold gardens add that festive appeal to the décor and can be used in places like balconies, exterior walls and railings. Colourful bouquets for the side tables and centre tables also add a beautiful look to the place.


Colours or the gulaal is the essence of this festival. Choose organic or herbal options for these instead of the chemical colours. Use a silver or golden platter for placing and arranging them.

Cloth Decorations:

Use pieces of colofurful clothes to decorate the walls. This will serve a dual purpose by adding a festive look to your place and protecting your walls from stains.

Music and Food:

What fun is a party without some all time favourite Holi tracks and lip smacking food and beverages? Do not forget to add the old Bollywood Holi favourites to your playlist. And for the food menu, choose some traditional food items and arrange them on a side table in the party venue. Also include Handmade Tea in the hot beverages to give your guests a unique taste.

The festive feels are all around us. What better time bring the charm inside your home too. With all these easy tips beautify your interiors and add that festive touch to your place, and gear up for a Holi bash this year!

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