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The thing about fireworks is: EVERYBODY stops to watch.

They cannot be denied.

Even protestors with signs to their side and heads cocked back along with the grass grazers & youth with both feet in the pool, were admiring the spectacle. For a moment, impartiality.

There’s something about beauty & light that is mesmerizing and almost healing to watch. We can all learn from this, whichever left or right side you’ve chosen to lean the majority of your weight on. More than ever, being a “problem identifier” no matter how articulate we are in explaining ourselves, is not the same as being passionately solutions-oriented. An implementer, albeit imperfect TRIER. Because right now true intention is always in question. To think deeply about every narrative before automatically converting, has now become a rare skillset — critical thinking a hybrid elective from a non-existent university. …

Day 37 in Chicago.

If ever there was a city for windbreakers.

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I knew it was the windy city. No one said it’d be supra-weekly. The trees are shedding because of all the AC dancing. …

Things are bubbling up behind the scenes (נָבַע).

Public awakening forthcoming.

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photos: Dr. Richard Roscoe

There are people co-working as researchers, some well-known and most that are anonymous, doing digs and devoting countless hours of independent study counter the contrived-narrative, for years. …

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