How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website That Converts

Imagine the scenario below:

Expert: The domain name you choose for your website will be its main identifier. It will be part of your small business’ brand, so you should put in some thought and choose it wisely.

You: Gosh, that’s awesome advice! I’m ready to choose the perfect domain name for my business!


You: But, um, that’s also quite vague and not actionable at all… What exactly does that entail? What differentiates a ‘good’ domain name from a ‘bad’ one? How do I go about choosing ‘the perfect domain’?

Sound familiar? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m quite sure that the above scenario has happened to you before. And it’s not pleasant at all.

That is exactly why I wrote a guest post for Female Business Hub, a leading online resource for business owners and start ups who want to take their business to the next level, about this subject.​

Check out how to choose a domain name for your website that converts.

In Lesson 5 of my FREE 5-day e-mail course, Create Your Own Website, we touch upon how to choose a domain name for your website. Since this is one of the most important steps in branding and growing your business, ​I wanted to dive into this subject in a bit more detail. If you have taken the course, you may remember that there are five critical things you should take into consideration when choosing a domain name.

Read my guest post on Female Business Hub to learn more about those five critical things.

I now have an action item for you: select your domain name if you have not done so already. I would love to see what you have chosen, so make sure to leave a comment below once you have made up your mind.

Here’s to choosing a domain name that converts!

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