Case study: Re-designing the Drukpa Calendar


brief for this project was to re-design a mobile app, I focusing on 3 screens in 3 days working alone. This project focuses on UI and understands the Heuristics design principles, detail are below.


It was to keep Drukpa calendar as traditional. Keeping the app with minimize the content and simplified it.

Heuristics: Design Principles

First process is, I tried to find out what are the problems with current Drukpa app.

Problems in current Drukpa calendar app

· Inconsistency on navigator bar, missing navigator and icons are to big, header and back arrow is not clear.


To search for the visuals that will help me in the design process, I started with a brainstorming based on my goal that is keeping the app look traditional. I let my mind come up with as many words and color as possible when I think about Traditional. five elements in Buddhist thought of earth, water, fire, wind and void. The concept is related to Buddhist Mahābhūta the image below is the Moodboard.


Style Guides.

Based on the Moodboard, I created the style guides, which includes:

color guide


The new screens that I re-designed are as follows, Second and third screen are one screen with scroll vertical.

Next steps

  • Test the prototype
  • Complete the remaining screens of the app
  • Wan to continue on Tibetan language



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