What is nirvana?

Nirvana is the moment when you finally know nothing and are nothing; that moment when you are one with nature; that moment when you are one with everything of value. Nirvana is at the end of a circle where life meets death.

Dolphins, men, and value.

I asked a dolphin, “O’ Dolphin, what do you think about mankind?” The dolphin kindly replied with a gentle smile “Man.” I asked the dolphin again, “O’ Dolphin, what do you think about gentlemen?” And the dolphin replied again “Men.” Adjectives cannot stick to men.

A price is a tag on something like a bottle of water, for example. We can brand a bottle but not water — value is unbranded; value is naked; value is truth; value is priceless.

The food we eat, the animals we coexist with, the earth we step on, the air we breathe, the water that gives us life and sustains us, the fire that keeps us warm, the clothes that protect us — all these are valuable just as we are.

Men feel offended when I refer to them as animals. I feel offended that we think of ourselves as above an animal, because that is who we are. We are life — we are the living.

Man is a mistake — a mistake that needs to be wiped off the face of this planet. But wait. Some of us have hope — that hope is perhaps the reason why some of us haven’t lost faith. May be nature is only waiting for the last man standing, because it had promised us that it won’t wipe us while hope remains alive.


State-of-art vs State-of-life

Price allows you to survive in an economy; value sustains you on a planet. We’re busy arguing about the prices of things, the budget, the stock market, the iPhones, the MacBooks — in the meantime, the last tiger fights for its chance of survival — a chance we’re taking away.

At this point, many would interrupt me with “Who cares about the tiger? Someone will care. Let’s just do our jobs and forget about the tiger.” I have a simple question for you then: “What else have we been doing anyway?”

The tiger is valuable and while we continue doing our jobs we have an untapped power that we can use to help life stand up on its feet. Remember that a job is merely a means to an end in an economy, which exists neither at the bottom of the ocean nor at the peak of Everest. It is this economy that has taken our freedoms away and blinded us with the illusion of currency.

Your Nirvana. My Moksha. Our freedom.

We need to give back: to nature & to others. Some day I will return my life — a priceless and wonderful experience. Give to openness — whether it is open-source, open-knowledge, or open-access. Free the water, free the air, free the knowledge — it is not meant for only men with money.

Experience moksha.