Change the Feeling of Disconnection from People around You

Do you ever feel disconnected from the world or even your inner circle of family, friends and colleagues? Feelings of being misunderstood, excluded and unimportant to others could easily become a major depression. You’re the only one who can change this. Reflect on your life through different eye lenses and you might see a different life.

Become included by looking for a connection you could have with others, rather than the differences in your appearance, views, behaviour or interests. It’s easy to find where we differ, but often it takes a skill to find the common ground. If you keep trying, you will get better at it.

You will also notice how much enriched your life becomes from hearing a wide range of life experiences and the reasons for their opinion, the methods they used to overcome some circumstances and the ways to bring joy into their lives. Try some of those methods, what have you got to lose?

The world is a large circle of love, encompassing the mankind, animals and the nature, as each of us is a small particle that fits exactly right into the life cycle, into the circle of natural love and beauty.

Our most important beauty is within, deep inside of our hearts, our capacity to be kind and supportive to others.

We’re not only our physical bodies and minds, which may change according to our circumstances, environments, health or artificially created need to alter our appearance with clothes, hair length or even plastic surgeries. We are much more than our physical attributes.

Even our language changes throughout the life, as we move from family to friends, studies and work. The words we use should still reflect our inner feelings, our heart talk.

It could be as little as using a particular synonym to get our heart’s message to another person, or a genuine smile with the full face and eyes.

The only genuine method to pass that message is when we think from our heart, not our trained mind — the animal part fearing everyone and everything.

When we genuinely try to see the best in another person — they can feel it. This connection we develop is much deeper than the words. It will see you through any depression that may start developing, as you’ll focus on the feeling of belonging, understanding another human being and consequently understanding yourself.

Actively seek this connection and don’t be afraid or embarrassed to comment something nice while waiting in a bus or checkout line. If a small child makes you smile by being very polite, tell it to the parent (yes — to a stranger) and to the child!

Tell to a dog owner in a park how their dog looks very happy. Even a checkout assistant will appreciate your politeness in responding and asking them — “How YOUR day was so far?”

Look people in the eye and smile. You’ll quickly connect with your caring nature and become truly interested in others. The more you connect, the more you want to share that connection with even more people.

Chat to people while shopping, at the traffic lights, on a bus or train. A short conversation could make their lives better too. You don’t know how lonely another person might be. You might be the first person to talk to them today or in this week. Isn’t it great to make someone’s day just by saying a few nice things?

They might start thinking that they could actively engage in conversation with other people, therefore start getting out of their personal comfort zone and depression / loneliness.

Your life matters, your opinions, experiences, potential to create, contribute and pass on the messages and love you have received. Having no partner or friend — others seek friendships too. No children — others seek foster parents, mentors, elders to guide them. Being without parents or grandparents — others seek younger people to pass the knowledge, life wisdom, their love and support the way they have been supported.

All of us want to live and give/receive love. If you don’t give, you don’t truly understand the beauty of receiving gratitude from others, the happiness you bring to them, the importance of simply listening or greeting someone and that’s also how you matter and connect with others.

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