DiDi, I was excited to see this article pop up on my Facebook wall.
Lee Shapiro

Lee, your profoundly intelligent, insightful comment is a welcome antidote to the article that provoked it, which was a festering stew of resentments, strident denunciations, shallow characterizations, and self-righteous pique.

Ironic that Didi, a self-described “progressive” clearly bears a deep animus toward those who to think differently than she. How dare they! That’s not “progressive” at all, at least not as most of us understand it.

Didi, I would love to engage you but I am afraid you wouldn’t get it. You would just see some older white guy and instantly judge me. And you would be completely wrong. In all honesty you strike me as just another self-absorbed, well-indoctrinated, would-be authoritarian know-it-all, full of yourself, perpetually indignant, blind and deaf to anything that contradicts your narrow worldview. These traits are not particularly inviting.

Further, I find it revealing that you ask for money, not once but twice, in the article header, as though you think you are owed something.

A little unsolicited advice for you, Didi: Quit complaining, improve your attitude, treat others with the respect you demand for yourself, quit playing the victim, and open up that seriously closed mind of yours. And while you’re at it, get over yourself; you are nothing special.

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