Should Arctic News prove correct — human life can end on earth by 2026 — without an 80% reduction…
Mark Goldes

This is nonsense without a shred of credible evidence to back it up. Wake up! The Earth is not that effing fragile! Good gawd.

We are poised to commit an act of epic stupidity by committing precious resources to solving a nonexistent problem.

If you people get what you want, billions will be impoverished. Millions will die. Every single one of us will have our cost of living increased, our lifespan decreased, and our freedoms curtailed. That’s the fine print.

Did you know that humans are responsible for only about one percent of the total carbon load in the atmosphere? Did you know that the current warm spell is traceable back for almost 350 years? Did you know that there have been multiple similar warm spells in the last 5000 years and this is the mildest of them all? Did you know that CO2 was at least 10 times as abundant in the Eocene epoch, a time of unprecedented fecundity? Did you know that plants REQUIRE CO2 to build tissue, and eagerly gobble up any excess?

Didn’t think so. Facts just mess up the narrative.

This kind of breathless scaremongering accomplishes nothing positive. Relax take a few deep breaths. And for god sakes, get some perspective.

Now go ahead and insult me.

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