While Microsoft is busy letting you touch the entire display, Apple’s making you look down at your keyboard to interact instead — bizarre.
Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Faulty logic imo. While nothing excludes the other, there’s no denying that the possibilities you have on a desktop OS with an actual mouse cursor and physical keyboard, still to this day, is far superior to an excusive touch UI and I say this as an avid iPad Pro user. The gestures + precision of the trackpad is something the top of your finger can’t replace. At least not to this date.

When you buy a laptop, you’re going to do most work having your hand on the keyboard and trackpad. The touchbar is like shortcuts to your keyboard, and while I’m not totally convinced it does anything that the trackpad doesn’t, it still makes more sense than changing the whole OS UI just so that you can lift your hands and touch your display. On the other hand, I’m also not a fan of using mouse to navigate your laptop, because it requires you to move too far away from your keyboard.

Regarding touch interfaces: A well-designed touch UI is a breeze to use, but when I use apps that have their roots in the desktop UI, the touch experience becomes very awkward. Like a weird compromise of touch and versatility. As I mentioned, I do a lot of my work on an iPad, but not because it’s more effective, but because it’s more fun mostly, and because I’m sitting at the computer for whole work days so I enjoy doing something less effective.

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