You have plenty of time as*hole

#1 most common excuse we tell ourselves is…

“Not enough time.”

Here’s a few examples of what we use the excuse for:

*Our dreams (oh I’d write that book, do that show, learn that instrument, just not enough time)

*Our relationships (oh I’d call my mom, approach that girl, confront that relative who constantly disrespects me, just not enough time)

*Our bodies (oh I’d totally go to the gym, do those ab exercises, build up my chest/butt, just not enough time)

Let me tell you something. You have PLENTY of time. Did you know that the average American spends FIVE hours a day on their f**king phone? That’s like, a lot of minutes.

(Pro Tip: If you’re anything like me, don’t do math in public)

My point is, the overwhelming majority of you are NOT short on time. You’re short on focus and discipline.

Guess what? I don’t have “enough time” to workout. Everyday I have to go to school full-time, train at practice, go to work, study for AP exams, do my chores, read materials, write ideas, and spend time with family/friends.

I don’t have time. I MAKE time.

Think of the difference between house pets and their owners. If I don’t feed my birds, they’re not going to eat. If my birds don’t feed me (which they never do) I still eat because I feed myself.

So make and feed yourself time and stop waiting for someone else to give it to you. You’re waiting for handouts that will never come.

This is the reason I have no regrets saying no when somebody hits me up after cancelling me on me, “Bro, I can’t today, I’m busy and need more time for this.”

No, you don’t. If you’re serious about spending time with me, you’ll make the time.

Your time is your most important asset. You can’t get the time back, that’s​ why it’s so valuable. Time is life, use it wisely or live miserably.

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