Introducing SimpleBulb: The Easiest Way to Find LED Light Bulbs

I work in lighting. Many people ask me “what LED light bulb should I buy?” Indeed, visiting Home Depot or even Amazon is a recipe for confusion.

I find it frustrating when I see multiple types of bulbs (LED, fluorescent, incandescent) in the same room, especially when they are a different color. I’m sure others are not happy with their lighting purchases. is the solution. Right now, the site recommends replacements for some of the most common bulbs, like the 40 watt and 60 watt. The user is given a referral link to Amazon, where the bulb can be purchased.

The site was developed in SquareSpace with about 5 hours of work so far. This might not work forever, but it was a quick way to get an MVP up and running.

The goal is to make this a profitable side business, but also to be the go-to resource for understanding and buying light bulbs.

I am aware that the current recommendations are not going to work well in every situation, so I am thinking of building a form that will help people out. It would ask questions like: “Does your bulb look like this?,” “Do you live in California?,” and “Do you use a dimmer?” I also plan to include relatively simple guides for understanding CRI (color rendering index), lumens, and color temperature.

I am not opposed to selling bulbs in the future, but affiliate programs are a great way to test and refine the marketing side of the business before taking larger risks.

Next steps: Work on the SEO of the site to see if I can drive traffic naturally. Consider purchasing some ads (in a lean fashion) and playing with keywords to see if I can boost clicks. And of course, share the site where I think people could use it.

I invite you to check SimpleBulb out here. I’d love to hear your opinions and what you think could be better.