Scandinavian Embassy

Do you like oysters? Do you like coffee or tea? Then you must try Scandinavian Embassy, a coffee shop (of the Koffie shop, not coffeeshop variety) in De Pijp, Amsterdam.

To start, there’s the coffee flower tea. Although not technically tea, this herbal drink is difficult to find. The brew has a similar body to many oolong or black teas, with a flavor that is reminiscent of coffee. Despite the liquor’s lightness compared to drip coffee, it does not taste anything like watered-down coffee.

The oyster dish, while not the cheapest, is the highlight here. Three oysters. A double espresso pulled on a La Marzocco machine. And a shot glass chilled to something like -30° C.

Coffee, oysters, and hands.

Oysters, from right to left:

  1. Plain, and delicious in its own right.
  2. Filled with the juice of coffee beans pickled in white vinegar.
  3. A mixture of butter and coffee fruit, heated with a butane torch and poured into the oyster.

The oysters are consumed sequentially between sips of the cool espresso. Sweet and sour elements of the various oysters bring out the sour, sweet, and bitter notes of the coffee.

To round out the meal, I decided on the goose and egg salad. Deceptively simple, it includes greens, new potatoes, thin-sliced goose, and a poached egg, topped with lingonberry jam. It is dressed with olive oil, pepper, and pickle juices from regular and green coffee beans.

If you come to Amsterdam with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed. The chefs at Scandinavian Embassy will challenge your expectations in a delightful way.