A marriage of convenience… with a city

It was another day of me reading for the tenth time about the importance of customer development in Product Management when I realised that I have no clue about the salaries level in the region.

Some time ago I decided that I have to turn myself into a kick-ass Product Manager and so I downloaded all these fancy books, subscribed to all possible subreddits and wrote to a dozen of professionals. I’m having a very interesting time now cause I’m not only making a shift in career, I also plan to move somewhere from Warsaw. And just like before marriage, you want to know all the necessary information about the city you’re going to move in. So I decided to make small salary research. I was doing it for myself until my friend inspired me to share the information with the world, so instead of more cities in the table you see these state-of-the-art graphics.

Results were quite surprising, to be honest. For example, I decided to add Cologne just for fun and didn’t expect that it will get even to TOP 5… Wait, no spoilers, see it by yourself: