The summer has come! Scooter-sharing companies all over the world are announcing releases of upgraded vehicles, Bird is exploring new form-factors, Lime is working on its juicer community and everyone is seeking growth.

As two biggest micromobility companies are possibly eyeing a new investment round this summer, I decided to sum up all the most important steps in the development of Bird and Lime. Let’s see who will get a better term sheet.

Have an opinion about who will rule 2019? Share it here or on Twitter, let’s discuss.

While 2018 was the year when the world learned about e-scooters, 2019 may be the year when the world forgets about them. What changes can be made?

The winter came. It came together with snowy sidewalks, cold weather and more news about investors’ chilling interest in scooter-sharing companies. More precisely, VCs are very cautious about startups’ financials. Vandalism, government regulations, charger fraud — these factors pose a significant threat to the bottom line and the whole phenomenon…

Yev Podgayetsky

Micromobility specialist. Areas of focus: Business Strategy, Product Management, Operations, Urban Planning.

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