It is easy to become an innovator; start with the “I can” attitude. Do you have an “I can” attitude? It comes with inspiration and such environment around, so must have people with big inspirations, big dreams and innovative mind. People with these qualities often achieve their goals rather than people going after money. The reason behind not producing many innovators must be the told notion because people do not even comprehend innovation in my country; very few are those who just crossed the startup step beyond their ideas. It is not like a magic which can bring you to the top of the hill with no effort, true things takes time, trials and lots of failure. And again determination is the key ingredient of success. Simple clay has no value; it must be having some shape for subscription of some attention, it does not mean that the other side is cleared with no responsibility, one important thing ‘of course opportunities’ also matter. If a country needs its innovative progress, it has to maintain various opportunities related to it and a culture of innovation and productivity. Look, ‘Nations with higher technology are thriving towards progress and advancement owing to economic growth due to technological development’. How it always comes possible, of course the special interests the stakeholders always have. Come back to the issue of personal individual capacities, being creative, independent, innovative can have very positive results. Great inventions worldwide had their successful innovative journeys. Let me quote examples here. The one much known success story is Google, a result of wonderful innovative background. Apple, Facebook and all the digital companies; do you think that these wonderful success source of technological transformations could be brought without any innovative minds, such startups. Even internet is the result of innovation. It has created many entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page. Elon Musk, Sergey Birin and many others. It is not wrong to say that innovation is the eco system of this era. But take into account that innovation is not the money minting machine but a source of making life easier for humans.

A brilliant idea of “Startup incubator centers” plays an important role in this regard. Some ideas like this are already prevailing in my country but more the better. As it trains the young minds how to survive in the suffocative hard environments; more the startup incubators would, more the companies will be produced, and it will obviously generate handsome production. This production ultimately has brought much ease in the lives of common people. The inventions in information technology, now allows every person to access this power. It has removed the differences between a normal citizen and a powerful citizen to some extent. If a celebrity or politician is using Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, Apple, Samsung and other social media then a normal citizen also have access to it which is removing the differences between two sections of the society. Digital upswing is taking us towards a better lifestyle for humanity. Innovation is playing a major role in economic upswing of the country as well as in global economy. Innovation gives push to the cycle of digital entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs and technical professionals are taking the world by storm with their innovation. We have much more ideas around to discuss about but main idea here is to have something in your brain. My mentor often says that ideas on which discoveries and inventions are standing on today once was in someone’s brain. An apple theory is a good example here; Newton was sitting in his garden when an apple falls on his head and, in a stroke of brilliant insight, he suddenly comes up with his theory of gravity. What made him think on this very usual every day event? Exactly the thing I am talking about from the first line. Let’s rise, brush up your brain, have something new to create, give a chance to innovation.

Innovation are those transparent hands which are providing artificial organs and body parts to disable people , not only this but also creating bionic body parts from miniature human brains to the fingers that store digital files. It also helped the giants like Stephen Hawking. It is strengthening the society in every aspect, if we use it smartly, effectively and efficiently. It has changed the way we shop through e commerce , the way we study through online education , the way we entertain ourselves through different mediums , email is essential for an individual working in an organization , transport services are getting provided through mobile applications and even food is getting delivered through mobile applications. It has been providing uncountable perks. Innovators are innovating rapidly and for the first time it is expected by 2020 everyone will be connected to the internet with addition to the 75 billion devices. The digital upswing is here and we cannot keep us away from its influence. In coming years every sector will be illuminated with digital evolution, we better prepare for it.

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