Bannon’s Continuing War

Yvonne Owens, Ph.D.
Jul 4, 2017 · 19 min read
Oliver Wasow, ‘Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist,’ Digitized Portrait, 2017

Steve Bannon is at war on several fronts. His most recent quarry is Flynn’s replacement, national security adviser, H.R. McMaster. McMaster has removed three NSC aides loyal to him over the past three weeks. Bannon allies inside and outside the administration are fighting back, starting rumours that McMaster is about to be fired, Tweeting and otherwise publicizing the Army general’s ideological deviations from Bannon’s religiously intolerant immigration policies, his eschatological theories around the Middle East and Israel, and his bigoted White Nationalist ideology around Islam as a religion of hate, naturalizing terrorism to the entire religion, culture, and belief system.

Bannon is ignorant on Islam, to the point that his incessant cant around his desire to re-establish universal “Judeo-Christian values” in the West doesn’t even factor in the fact that Islam IS a Judeo-Christian religion, the third of the ‘Three Main Orthodoxies’ of the ‘Abrahamic Stem,’ in aid of which Mohammed designated his followers as a “People of the Book,” following precepts in the Old and New Testaments laid down in the Koran. Like Jews and Christians, Muslims trace both their religious lineage and their monotheistic ideological heritage to the Patriarch, Abraham.

McMaster, on the other hand, is a military and religious history expert, with both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in the subjects, who is also a decorated veteran of the actual war in the Mid-East. McMaster knows that the Old Testament stories of Genesis, and the articles of Mosaic Law, are faithfully represented in the Koran, and that — other than ascribing a deposed local Meccan god’s name to Yahweh (otherwise known as Ya-Ho-Va-He, or Jahovah), along with a few other local enthno-cultural flavours — there was not a huge difference between 7th-century Islam and 7th-century Judaism or Christianity.

McMaster knows all this as a greatly educated religious historian, as well an experienced front-line military actor in the ‘war against terror,’ and therefore realizes that terrorism is no more native to mainstream Islam than to Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity or Orthodox Judaism. He knows, on the bases of both scholarship and boots-on-the-ground Middle East experience, that the way forward for the Palestine/Israel situation or the so-called war on terror needs far more tolerance and cunning than Bannon’s religious Hate-based approach.

On Wednesday, McMaster upped the ante in his struggle against the dangerous Bannonesque bigotry and ignorance of this administration by firing the NSC’s senior director for intelligence, Ezra Cohen-Watnick. McMaster’s earlier attempt to remove Cohen-Watnick from the staff had been blocked by Bannon and also by Trump himself. The news was first reported by Jordan Schachtel, a former editor at Breitbart, which Bannon ran before joining the Trump campaign last year. Last week, McMaster fired Derek Harvey, the NSC’s top Middle East adviser; Harvey was seen as being too close to Bannon by some White House aides. The Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, had also disagreed with Harvey and his Bannonesque nationalistic ideological approach.

Another Bannon acolyte, Rich Higgins, had been fired on July 21, as Rosie Gray at the Atlantic first reported. Higgins, a former Pentagon aide, had been penning and circulating Far-Right conspiracy theories, charging the “deep state,” “globalists,” and “bankers” with aligning with “Islamists” against the Trump administration. Meanwhile, Bannon’s allies outside the White House have been trying to oust McMaster. On Wednesday, radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted an old article, published several months ago in the New York Times, about McMaster’s educated ideological “break with the administration on Islam.”

Meanwhile, blogger Mike Cernovich has been tweeting links to a website called McMasterLeaks, which contains a single blog post with multiple examples of how McMaster is undermining Trump. At the top of the page is a cartoon depicting McMaster (incorrectly labeled as “McMasters”) and David Petraeus as marionette puppets with strings controlled by liberal billionaire George Soros. In turn, Soros is depicted as a puppet controlled by a green, monstrous hand simply labeled “Rothschilds.”

McMaster’s show of executive ability has set off alarm bells among Bannon allies in the pro-Trump media sphere. These pundits supported the nationalistic ‘Judeo-Christian values’-man, Flynn, who has hopelessly compromised his own conduct and professionalism to the extent of unconstitutional criminality in service to these ‘ideals.’ They regard McMaster as a globalist interloper and threat. Bannon’s jingoistic Breitbart media allies have attacked Priebus in the past, with the evident result, but the vitriol against McMaster has been remarkable for its speed and intensity, and McMaster has definitely registered the pushback.

‘It’s come from all corners. Breitbart News, the website Bannon controlled as executive chairman before joining the Trump campaign, has produced a flurry of negative stories about McMaster over the past two days, accusing him of “purging” dissenters and kowtowing to “holdovers” from the Obama administration. Fox News host Sean Hannity has tweeted about McMaster, saying he might need to go. Radio host Laura Ingraham has also weighed in, tweeting that “Obama holdovers at NSC or State Dept who are leaking should do real time for these leaks. Why has McMaster fired actual Trump supporters?” The Daily Caller published an interview with two former NSC officials attacking him, accusing him of undermining the president’s foreign-policy agenda. Circa, a site owned by the conservative Sinclair Broadcasting company, published a letter Thursday that McMaster sent months ago to his predecessor Susan Rice, in which he informed her that she could keep her security clearance. It’s a standard letter, but it has caused a furor in light of the ongoing controversy over unmasking.’ (Rosie Gray, ‘The War Against H.R. McMaster,’ The Atlantic, August 4, 2017.)

The fake news, Far-Right blogger, Mike Cernovich, has launched a sustained attack on McMaster, even setting up a website called ‘When it launched, the main page displayed a large cartoon of the Rothschilds controlling a George Soros puppet, which in turn controlled puppets representing McMaster and former CIA director David Petraeus. (The hand labeled “Rothschilds” has since been relabeled “Saudis.” Cernovich told me he changed it because complaints about the cartoon’s anti-Semitism are “not a hill to die on,” and “if everybody wants to complain, then fine — I’ll just put the Saudis at the top.”)’ Cernovich has also been going after top NSC aides Dina Powell and some more junior staffers. ‘Others in the right-wing media “are finally catching up to where I was three or four months ago,” he told me. But the recent staffing changes spurred him to intensify his effort.’ (Gray, August 4, 2017.)

It occurred to me recently, although it probably should have much, much earlier, that this could be the way Steve Bannon destroys the actual office and institution of the presidency itself, and not just the Constitutional infrastructure of America. Though he’s on record declaring he wants to destroy the American political, social, and cultural infrastructure, his nihilistic ambition may not stop at destroying the actual machinery of White House and administrative functioning. Watching Rachel Maddow’s segment, ‘President Donald Trump’s Behaviour Hurts The Presidency, But He Doesn’t Care’ caused me to wonder for the first time whether Trump was consciously complicit with this attempt. But ultimately I decided he isn’t, because he basically doesn’t know what the presidency actually IS. By this I mean that Donald Trump doesn’t have any real concept of the office and its definition, roles, duties or public aspect. Trump’s ‘presidency’ is nothing more — cannot possibly, cognitively BE anything more — than a self-aggrandizing show-business platform for the all-new ‘Donald Trump Show.’

Many of the other top posts necessary for running an effective, U.S. government, representative/democratic infrastructure remain unfilled. The Trump-appointed, climate-denying, ultra conservative, Evangelical Religious Right, nearly uniformly Republican heads of administrative agencies have, to a man and to a woman, for many vocal years espoused personal and political philosophies that are diametrically opposed to the offices they hold and the agencies they head, in a transparent attempt to destroy those very agencies and offices. The EPA, Education, Public Health, Public Housing, and pretty much all of the other critically important offices and agencies have been decimated by the appointments of incompetents, ill- or non-qualified executives, or individuals hostile to those agencies’ mission statements. The only real silver lining in all of this is the fact that Trump appointees and picks are so ill-equipped for their posts that they actually can’t actualize many of their most malignant and destructive initiatives; the ‘Muslim Ban’ has been repeatedly blocked or disallowed as un-Constitutional by courts at the city, state and federal levels, and neither the ‘Trump Care’ nor the 2018 Budget drafts boast even the most rudimentary qualifications to enable them to pass as actual legislation.

‘In each of these cases, Mr. Bannon’s preferred outcome was thwarted by rather ordinary political forces, the same ones he promised to circumvent and transcend. In a way, to believe in Mr. Bannon’s genius is to adopt the president’s belief in a sort of vulgar technocracy — the belief that the “best people” can solve any problem put in front of them, whether they have expertise in that field or not. A newspaper publisher can broker peace in the Middle East and revolutionize the government. A neurosurgeon can run the Department of Housing and Urban Development. A life as a real estate mogul and celebrity businessman is adequate preparation for the presidency. But the ability to grab power does not grant the wisdom to wield it, and ungrounded grandiosity is just pretension.’ (Ezekiel Kwekua, ‘Steve Bannon Isn’t a Genius.’ New York Times, April 6, 2017.)

There seems to be an obvious and terrifying reason for this in Bannon’s current role of insidious but saturated power and influence in the current White House and administration, although that doesn’t adequately explain the rabid jumping on the bandwagon of leading Republicans. They appear to be solely concerned with personally surviving the cut. Bannon’s own words should tell them how futile this effort will ultimately be, and how in fact they have simply moved into lockstep in terms of facilitating and abetting Bannon’s plans. These dire plans have been outed in many publications, based on disclosures Bannon made before he was eyeing ultimate power as the Trump campaign and White House plant, along with Conway, of billionaires and ‘Judeo-Christian’ ideologues, Rebecca and Robert Mercer. From the London Guardian of February 6th, 2017:

‘Stephen Bannon, President Trump’s chief political strategist and, after Trump, the most powerful man in Washington, once declared proudly: “I am a Leninist.” He was talking to a New York university academic who had written extensively on communism and the former Soviet Union. “What on earth do you mean?” the professor asked him. “Lenin wanted to destroy the state and that’s my goal too,” replied Bannon. “I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment.” From the evidence of Trump’s extraordinary campaign and first two weeks in the White House, Bannon has an assortment of Leninist political tactics that could have come from the Bolshevik leader’s playbook.

‘Two days after Lenin seized power in Russia almost exactly a century ago, he began an assault on the press — and his successors in the USSR did not let up for the next 70 years. In the few months between the overthrow of the tsar and Lenin taking power, a relatively free press had sprung up, almost all of it vigorously opposed to Lenin, who was written off as a dangerous demagogue. When his Bolshevik party mounted a successful coup and Lenin made himself, in effect, dictator of Russia, one of his first acts was to censor the press, which he called “a weapon no less dangerous than bombs or guns aimed at us … Why should we place it in our enemies’ hands?”

‘Three days after Donald Trump’s inauguration Bannon told the New York Times: “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen … I want you to quote this. The media here is the opposition party. They do not understand this country.” Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” are not entirely different from the “objective truth … the greater truth” that Lenin used to call for in the USSR’s state-run newspapers.’ (Victor Sebestyen, ‘Bannon says he’s a Leninist: that could explain the White House’s new tactics,’ 6 February 2017. Victor Sebestyen is the author of ‘Lenin the Dictator: An Intimate Portrait.’)

The Daily Beast reported on this as early as August of 2016, when there was still time to save America and the presidency, in an article subtitled: ‘The Breitbart executive director turned GOP leader boasted at a party about his goal of destroying the conservative establishment.’ Ronald Radosh reported, ‘I met Steve Bannon — the executive director of Breitbart who’s now become the chief executive of the Trump campaign, replacing the newly resigned Paul Manafort — at a book party held in his Capitol Hill townhouse on Nov. 12, 2013. We were standing next to a picture of his daughter, a West Point graduate, who at the time was a lieutenant in the 101 Airborne Division serving in Iraq. The picture was notable because she was sitting on what was once Saddam Hussein’s gold throne with a machine gun on her lap. “I’m very proud of her,” Bannon said.

‘Then we had a long talk about his approach to politics. He never called himself a “populist” or an “American nationalist,” as so many think of him today. “I’m a Leninist,” Bannon proudly proclaimed. Shocked, I asked him what he meant. “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.’ (Ronald Radosh, ‘Steve Bannon, Trump’s Top Guy, Told Me He Was ‘a Leninist,’ The Daily Beast,’ 08.22.16.)

As Andrew Dobbs commented in his own fine blog, ‘Defiant,’ on Medium: ‘This story has been told a lot now, but few that relate it note that Radosh was raised in the Communist Party and would — conceivably — know if Bannon were just talking out of his ass. His response and Bannon’s subsequent actions in Donald Trump’s White House indicate that Bannon wasn’t speaking lightly.’ (Andrew Dobbs, ‘You Must Understand Vladimir Lenin Like Steve Bannon Does: Lenin predicted war — Bannon will start one,’ Mar 21, 2017.) Andrew Hehir, for Salon Magazine, has also lauded the informed insights of Ronald Radosh, and likewise suggested we should listen to him. (Andrew Hehir, ‘Steve Bannon, Bolshevik: Maybe Donald Trump’s alt-right Svengali really is a “Leninist,” Salon, November, 2016.)

In January, 2017, Jack Moore reported on this real-life horror in GQ Magazine, in an article titled ‘Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Closest Adviser, Just Wants to See the World Burn.’ ‘Over the last ten days, it’s been easy to feel like shadow President Donald Trump and the actual President Steve Bannon are purposely trying to destroy this country, but common sense would indicate that such an idea would be ridiculous. After all, these are men who wanted the giant responsibility of running the nation. Surely, they couldn’t have set out to do evil, right, guys? Right? I said, right, guys? Oh no. The fact that no one is responding is a little unnerving. Well, if you are to believe these next two sources, it sure seems like Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are okay with letting the whole thing burn down. Those sources? Donald Trump and Steve Bannon.

‘First, here’s Trump in an interview with Fox News in 2014 (quotes via the New Statesman): “A lot of people live better without having a job, than with having a job. I’ve had it where you have people and you want to hire them, but they can’t take the job for a period of nine months because they’re doing better now than they would with a job. You know what solves it? When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell, and everything is a disaster, then you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be, when we were great.”

‘Well, that’s terrifying. Our current president once expressed the thought that having the economy crash — never mind the millions of families such catastrophe would devastate — would help get America back to how it “used to be, when we were great.” Now, you could argue that 2014 was a long time ago (it isn’t) and maybe he’s changed his mind since then (he hasn’t), but look at that verbiage. That’s some proto–Make America Great Again bullshit.’ Jack Moore closed his article with this: ‘And now Steve Bannon, a man who ran Breitbart, with its horrifying views on white nationals, has been added to the National Security Council, because handing him control of domestic issues wasn’t quite dangerous enough for our boy Donny. Hell, Bannon wants a literal and bloody religious war. The two most powerful men in this country want to light shit on fire and hope that fixes things.’ (Jack Moore, ‘Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Closest Adviser, Just Wants to See the World Burn,’ January 30, 2017.”

In a truly fine article in the U.K. Telegraph, Tara Isabella Burton reported on February 17, 2017: ‘Steve Bannon shares a fascist’s obsession with cleansing, apocalyptic war. And now he’s in the White House.’ Burton is a Clarendon Scholar at Trinity College, Oxford, where she is finishing a DPhil in Theology, and knows whereof she speaks: ‘In the first decades of the twentieth century, in an equally uncertain, newly-unified Italy, the futurist poet F.M. Marinetti — whose movement would become the intellectual as well as political forerunner to the nationalistic Italian fascism of the 30’s — waxed ecstatic in his “Futurist Manifesto” about his desire to “glorify war — the only hygiene of the world — militarism, patriotism, the anarchist’s destructive gesture, the fine Ideas that kill, and the scorn of woman.”

Burton’s article starts out: ‘Some men, according to The Dark Knight, just want to watch the world burn. White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon may be one of them. His obsession with apocalyptic imagery — and, in particular, the ideology of a coming “cleansing war” — is well-documented….In a November 2015 interview, he described one of the “central organising principles” of his alt-Right news organisation Breitbart News, of which he was then executive editor, as being “that we’re at war”. And as Bannon continues to occupy the media spotlight in the disastrous wake of President Trump’s “Muslim ban”, more has come out about his fascination with global destruction….He is obsessed with the 1999 book The Fourth Turning, by sociologists William Strauss and Neil Howe, which posits that every generation in American history responds to the failure of its institutions by cataclysmic but ultimately necessary violence: the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Second World War.

‘During the making of Bannon’s documentary Generation Zero — which began as a film about The Fourth Turning — historian David Kaiser recalls Bannon asking him to predict that the next bout of violence — now overdue — would be the biggest one yet. Bannon may see the coming storm as unprecedented. But his fascination with imagery of the apocalypse is anything but. The link between atavistic war narratives and ferocious, racialised nationalism is a long one….To men like Bannon, the reality of a country not reducible to one single community — or one foundational myth that unites us — is more terrifying than the chaos they idealise.’ (Tara Isabella Burton, ‘Steve Bannon shares a fascist’s obsession with cleansing, apocalyptic war. And now he’s in the White House,’ The Telegraph, February 17, 2017).

Ezekiel Kwekua strikes a note of hope in his article, ‘Steve Bannon Isn’t a Genius,’ by suggesting that Bannon is far too politically delusional to succeed with his cunning plan for a New World Order, writing, ‘Stephen K. Bannon, the architect of Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, is a man with a lot of ideas. He believes that Western civilization is locked in an existential battle with the barbarians at the gates, that nationalists must wrest control from the aloof and corrupt globalist elite, and that America is a once great nation shackled by welfare for both the poor and the wealthy. It was a version of this narrative, market-tested on Breitbart News, that carried Mr. Trump to the presidency. One way to understand Trumpism is as applied Bannonism. The first few months of President Trump’s term have been an attempt to put all of that theory into practice, and by any reasonable standard, that attempt has failed.

‘As it turns out, there’s a difference between spinning yarns and the careful needlework of piecing together policy and political coalitions. The travel ban was Mr. Bannon’s first high-profile defeat. The hastily written and sloppily executed executive order, intended to halt immigration and travel from seven Middle Eastern countries, was immediately met by widespread protests. Mr. Bannon attempted to spin this as a feature, not a bug, an attempt to provoke opposition from the right set of enemies, but even nominal allies recoiled from the ban’s capriciousness. Worse, the executive order was quickly halted by the courts, and even a revised version has not yet been able to pass muster with the judiciary.

‘The media has cultivated the reputation of Steve Bannon as chessmaster and puppeteer, both Rasputin and Svengali, a consigliere with a well-worn library card. “Saturday Night Live” even imagined him as the Grim Reaper. Mr. Bannon has cheerfully played along with this portrayal, likening himself to avatars of dark power like Darth Vader and Dick Cheney. But there was never much reason to believe Mr. Bannon has the political genius necessary to actually bring his ideas to life. It’s true that much of the ideological underpinning of Mr. Trump’s agenda comes from Mr. Bannon, and it’s also true that he has outsize influence with the president. But as accomplishments go, fomenting xenophobia and manipulating a famously mercurial political neophyte are thin evidence of genius.’ (Ezekiel Kwekua, ‘Steve Bannon Isn’t a Genius.’ New York Times, April 6, 2017.)

My own articles on Bannon have stressed the humanitarian impact of the real-life horror Bannon and his ideas pose for the U.S. and, thereby, for the world. In pieces such as ‘Fairytales Fed to Trump and Kushner,’ ‘Recovering…..’ ‘The Tragic Tale of Micro-Targetting and Mass Coercion that Elected Donald Trump,’ ‘Somewhere, in an Attic, There’s a Portrait of Steve Bannon…,’ ‘How America Became a Self-Cannibalizing Nation for God,’ ‘Strange Bedfellows Redût,’ ‘Steve Bannon’s ‘New World Order’ and the Handmaid’s Dilemma,’ My all-time favourite, ‘Trump Will Be Trash-Canned Like a Used Condom’ (which actually won a distinction award on Medium in the ‘2016 Election stream), and the article that started it all, for me, ‘Steve Bannon’s Fearful Purity and Pollution Discourse,’ I pretty much attack the issue on grounds of preserving a civil society.

My final-listed, first-penned article on Bannon really is where it starts in looking at Bannon for me — in deconstructing, deep analyzing, and unpacking his peculiarly poisonous animus, aims, strategies and objectives. It is the place to start when trying to figure out what fuels the strangely familiar miasma that surrounds him and his works, his devotees, and his willing acolytes like a toxic fog. These works include Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, the Tea Party and the Alt-Right manifesto. His devotees and acolytes, who reportedly regard him as a kind of guru and “Svengali” include the Mercers, Trump, Conway, and the many other embedded Republicans who, wittingly or un-, are the ‘guided missiles’ in his arsenal for his very personal war — his holocaust of democratic values, his weaponized ideological revolt. (Kevin Drumaug, ‘Let’s Get to Know Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s latest Svengali,’ Mother Jones, Aug. 17, 2016.) My article was deeply inspired by a marvellous piece of reporting written by Paul Blumenthal and JM Rieger, titled, ‘This Stunningly Racist French Novel Is How Steve Bannon Explains The World.’ It was published in The Huffington Post in March, 2017, and by a stunningly revealing portrait of Bannon done by NY artist, Oliver Wasow. (Oliver Wasow, ‘Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist,’ Digitized Portrait, 2017, shown above.)

In the article I wrote, ‘…suddenly I burned to know: What is his credo, his ethos, his philosophical animus and ideological core belief? Then, just minutes ago while scanning my FB newsfeed, this very enlightening article came up addressing that very subject, as is so often the case when one tends to access FB as something like an I-Ching/E-rolodex, only to find that the shitty bastard isn’t even original, just a Hate-spewing coward, afraid of the Stranger, fearing and despising immigrants of non-Northern European descent, and quivering under a deep seated belief in the idea of the ‘Polluted Other.’ He is a card-carrying subscriber to the ‘Purity and Pollution’ discourse of Indo-European White Supremacy, deeply fearing the ideological and racial ‘contagion’ he sees as being brought into Western Civilization by unchecked migrations westward by the dark races.’

‘Team Trump is a cybernetically controlled cult with millions of members and an algorithmically implanted subliminal belief system engineered by former programmer/computer scientist, now media mogul and psychographic behaviour-modification billionaire nutcase, Robert Mercer, in league since Breitbart with Steve Bannon. The cult’s manifesto is no less bonkers than that of Scientology, Jim Jones, or the Children of God. Their and their followers’ unwitting ideology is Steve Bannon’s, built out of a personal phobia, which is fuelled by a xenophobic fear of immigrants. His abiding creed, all through his panned cinematic attacks on the Occupy Movement and his founding of the Tea Party, is as sickeningly put forth in his personal bible, the 1973 French novel, “The Camp of the Saints,” an obscure and revolting narrative by French author Jean Raspail.

‘“The Camp of the Saints” is the grotesquely scatological and violently racist tale about a migrant invasion designed to destroy Western civilization. The main, terrifying villain of this intellectually and morally bereft piece of fiction is an East Indian immigrant Untouchable called ‘Turd eater,’ as Raspail’s boogeyman character literally eats shit (which Dalits don’t, though they are forced to clean up everybody else’s in India’s ancient, racial-supremacist, Indo-Aryan caste system). It includes disgusting representations of the impoverished and desperate economic refugees as abject as Bannon’s own diatribes against Occupy Movement activists. In the clearest explanation for why nearly all of Trump’s cabinet choices are known mostly for despising and attacking the very Federal agencies they’ve been designated to lead, Bannon stated that they weren’t appointed to lead these agencies, but to destroy them. The crippling or wholesale elimination of Federal agencies that ensure we receive such things as clean air, clean water, fair labor laws, fair housing standards, anti-discrimination laws, financial protections, food and drug safety, national education standards and the like, has been the nihilistic, unlawful goal of far-right ideologues for decades. (Dartagnan, ‘Bannon Admits Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Were Selected To Destroy Their Agencies.’ Daily Kos, Feb 23, 2017.)’

I don’t really think Bannon’s background, education, delusion or experience equips him to have the kind of foresight or concern for human institutions required by a top White House advisor to the president, no matter who that president happens to be. He’s in it for the gratification of destroying what has always made him feel lesser, such as established cultural, social, religious, intellectual, cultural or ideological institutions. He burns with a real hatred for class, venerable traditions and forms, and for proven accomplishments. There are literally none of these in his name, or on his part; he is a failed writer, failed filmmaker, and a failed husband and father, once arrested, booked, photographed and fingerprinted for violently assaulting his spouse. For this last distinction, Trump awarded him the nick-name ‘Bam Bam.’ He really is the epitome of a failed human being on all fronts.

The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Inside the Vatican (Bannon is a Fundamentalist Catholic and has several times addressed ultra- conservative factions and sects inside the Vatican), Quora, AlterNet​, New York Times, New Statesman, Daily Kos, and Fortune Magazine have reported on this dangerous phenomenon over the past year or so, among many other news outlets. We can not legitimately say we haven’t been warned.

Yvonne Owens, Ph.D.

Written by

I'm a writer/researcher/arts educator on Vancouver Island and all round global citizen who loves humans even though we're such a phenomenal pain-in-the-ass.

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