Fatwas and Other Contracts

Artist’s activist installation in NYC by CityLab

Let us imagine, for a moment, the amount of Code Word-level Top Secret highly classified information Trump’s been fed by dutiful security briefs, day by day, with what nations’ vital security intelligence, for about a hundred days now. Now, let us imagine how many allied nations are contemplating the damage that could be done to their intelligence streams, their agents, THEIR allies and contacts, informants, and deep-cover operatives by this man’s unutterable stupidity and incompetence.

Let us now consider that, even after impeachment, and though divested of unimaginable power and access, Donald Trump will still be wandering around in the world somewhere with his dodgy connections, deep compromise, and clear conflicts of interest. Worse, he would still be alive in this world with no coherent idea of what is dangerous information, to whom it is dangerous, who the allies and adversaries of those entities are exactly, or why he doesn’t have the right to just shoot off his mouth whenever he feels like it. Whenever he wants to. Especially when he’s bragging (‘I got the best intelligence…!’), which is nearly all the time. Even in prison, he is an unacceptable liability to too many. Forget that; he is a fully armed (with information) liability to the fragile security of the globe.

Finally, let us imagine how many dark operations have a bead on Trump’s ungovernable ‘problem’ at the present moment. Far beyond the fatwa recently re-issued on Salman Rushdie’s head by the Iranian Islamic State, this situation is volatile. When is a grievous danger to global stability limitation considered justifiable? What, or who, is considered acceptable, expendable ‘collateral damage’ in a situation affecting world security?

Ultimately, the upshot of all this is that, even after this idiot is removed, other legitimate democracies (the U.S. is currently ranked as a ‘flawed democracy’ according to international standards published in International Business News) will not be able to trust allied intelligence sharing with the U.S., for two reasons: A. The U.S. democratic process will have been shown to have been critically compromised by the fact that it will have shown to have been bought, suborned, and twisted by a hostile foreign power that no one wants to be vulnerable to (the Russians), and; B. The American PEOPLE, themselves, have been shown to be unreliable practitioners of the democratic process in having wittingly elected a dangerous incompetent to the highest office in the land and to the community of world leaders entrusted with the globe’s wellbeing and stability.

It is game over for the U.S. with this latest Right-Wing Nationalist stunt. We will be found to have joined the ranks of tin-pot dictatorships posing as democracies like Turkey or Serbia.

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