Stake Through the Heart

Oliver Wasow, 2017, “Donald Trump, President of the Republican Party,” AKA “Truculent Nihilistic Badly Aging Child”

Basically Trump used Scaramucci to say the things about his closest staff that he couldn’t publicly say without being committed, but which still rankled and festered, and that he desperately wanted to be out there. He wanted this so as to humiliate his underlings and servitors as much as possible. That’s his objective. Like the classic, textbook Malignant Narcissist that he is, he works to keep everyone within his influence and sphere (which now, sadly, encompasses the nation) off-centre, off-balance, unsure and feeling threatened. He works constantly to ensure that all nervous, worried eyes are on him.

He used Steven Miller and Dan Scavino to fire Priebus while he hid on Airforce One as his two slimy little henchmen did the deed. The Commander-in-Chief actually lurked in the aircraft doorway until Priebus’ car, now emptied of Miller and Scavino, peeled off from the motorcade, still idling on the tarmac, waiting for him to exit the plane. Only when Priebus had left the scene and was safely out of sight did he climb down the portable staircase. Trump is reported to be phobic of going down stairs in any case, much less moveable ones, which is probably why he always tries to get Melania to hold his hand during descents, if she’s around, and often seems disoriented and out of it, wandering off in all directions, when he finally reaches terra firma.

This was just the last of a long string of public humiliations of his Chief-of-Staff, ever since Priebus was critical of Trump’s way of describing is entitlement to assault women on the Bush bus during the campaign. Once, when Priebus was still enjoying some semblance of the presidential favour, Trump ordered him to kill a fly that was bothering him in the Oval Office during a meeting.

What’s funny is that Trump thinks HE’S using Priebus, Scaramucci, Bannon, Kelly, et al. In point of fact, it is he being used by anti-U.S. institutions and government establishment nihilist back-door-man, Bannon, and his shadowy behind the scenes moneyed power people. It is Trump who will be used up, spit out, and discarded when his job acting as a battering ram for the first wave of the anti-democracy, anti-American Government juggernaut is fulfilled, and his ‘usefulness,’ in terms of so thoroughly poisoning the waters, is exhausted.

What would serve as an effective stake through the heart to fell this predatory, parasitical creature? How can he be best neutralized — emotionally felled — never to rise again? There’s prison, of course, but I would hate for him to rise from his coffin to renewed fame and popularity, like the (in their cases, well deserved) resurrections of Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

I think he’s used to being despised and disapproved of because that’s how his father treated him and how he in turn treats his sons. They are always desperate for his approval and he always withholds it. Tales told by former staffers and producers on the set of The Apprentice record how Donald Jr. turned anxious eyes on his father in the wake of every utterance, and Donald Sr. would refuse to even look at him. If anything Jr. said found favour, Sr. might give a slight nod, but never a word of approval or endorsement would pas his lips in the direction of his eldest son. That’s their sad and painful game. Even his verbal support of Jr. in the wake of sonny’s massive collusion fuck-up, “high quality person,” sounds like a mercantile assessment of a commodity — which of course, everyone is to Trump — even Ivanka. As long as he and they are being assessed as financially successful, and able to boast an impressive net worth, he’s OK with being despised.

The mayor of Phoenix told Trump not to come to his city and enflame more disruption, conflict and distress, but he went anyway because he loves those ‘campaign rallies.’ He spread more Hate, contrived to made Charlottesville all about him and how ‘unfairly’ he was being treated by the press, and teased his rabid supporters about pardoning the racist cop convicted of discrimination and racial profiling. It was poorly attended, with as big or bigger anti-Trump protesters outside the doors unified in contempt for their president, which was immeasurably increased by his teams immediate promotion of false photos showing an entirely different sports event, and claiming that the crowds assembled were for Trump’s rally.

“For a speech that began, ostensibly, as a call for unity, Trump’s rally was filled with barbed attacks on all variety of people who he said had no place in America. Trump spoke broadly about “liberating our towns” from undocumented immigrants, citing Joe Arpaio, pledging to purge “sanctuary cities” of undocumented immigrants and leading the crowd in a “build the wall” chant. He threatened a government shutdown if the wall he wants constructed between the U.S. and Mexico isn’t approved. And, after the White House said Trump wouldn’t pardon Arpaio during his rally in Phoenix, Trump hinted that a pardon would come. “Do the people in this room like Sheriff Joe? Was Sheriff Joe convicted for doing his job?” he asked. “He should have had a jury. But I’ll make a prediction. I think he’s gonna be just fine. But, but, I won’t do it tonight because I don’t want to cause any controversy. Is that O.K.? But Sheriff Joe can feel good.” (Maya Kosoff, ‘TRUMP GOES OFF-SCRIPT IN HOUR-LONG PUBLIC MELTDOWN,’ Vanity Fair, Aug. 22, 2017.)

I think the stake through the heart for Trump is being seen as ‘poor’ and ‘weak’ — a financially negligible, sad, failed, mediocre or ineffectual money man — a clown. As far as that goes, no one is remotely as equipped to deliver that message to both his core self image and his base as he, himself — particularly with the imminent, Robert Mueller-induced release of his tax returns and dodgy financing.

So…. just let him run on in his disastrous course, try to mitigate the collateral damage, and keep commenting? Yes.