The Story of the Strange Bedfellows

Image from ‘What Will Become of Jared Kushner? Pondering the future of Donald Trump’s son-in-law and surrogate,’ by Chris Pomorski, in Tablet, October 14, 2016.

Besides being married to Trump’s daughter, this Orthodox Jew and top advisor to the president has a few more secret agendas and vested interests at stake in supporting a man with Nazi sympathies and clearly stated racist and religious intolerances: the defence of Israel and its invasive/expansive aims. The thing the Christian Religious Far-Right and ardent Zionists have in common is revivalist ideology around Israel.

Alt-Religious-Christian-Right ideologues, Bannon and his own patrons, the Mercer father and daughter team, pro-”Judeo-Christian-values” policy shapers and billionaire Trump campaign financiers, Rebecca and Robert Mercer, have elevated Kushner and put up with his and Ivanka’s Jewishness in such close proximity to the Oval Office ‘throne’ for one reason only (but it’s a good one): Kushner’s committed Zionism.

For Evangelicals and Judeo-Christian ideologues like the Mercers and most of the current administration from the Far Religious Right, including Fundamentalist Catholics like Bannon and Conway, Zion (contemporary Israel) must prevail over her enemies for long enough that the 3rd and final Solomonic Temple can be re-built upon the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, for only then can it be destroyed a 3rd time, launching Armageddon and initiating the Apocalypse, with the Second Coming of Christ and the 1,000-year-long Kingdom of Christ (The ‘Kingdom of God,’ AKA ‘The New Jerusalem’) in its immediate wake.

Evangelicals’ support of Israel is not because they like Jews or the Jewish faith. Not at all. This evident fact can be witnessed in terms of the Evangelical belief that Jews are among the many infidels, heretics, apostates and disbelievers who are destined to be swept from the face of the Earth and into oblivion at the Second Coming, according to their belief, when the Rapture sweeps up all the Christian faithful to dwell with God and the angels in the New Jerusalem and everyone else is fucked.

This ‘sacred’ narrative, based on the Book of Revelations (written long after the time of Christ by the exile on the isle of Patmos, ‘John of Patmos,’ himself a disaffected Roman criminal and angry, mean, revenge-fantasy-addict nut case), is preached from Evangelical pulpits every Sunday, and is the reason behind the illogical and wholly counter-intuitive Christian-Right conviction that Trump was ‘sent by God’ and sits in God’s affections next only to Christ.

Zaha Hadid Architects unveils 666 Fifth Avenue skyscraper for Kushner Companies.

The senior Kushner, Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, is a convicted felon and disbarred lawyer — a thoroughly nasty customer, for whom sonny boy, Jared, seems to nurse the worshipping-of-the-patriarch Orthodox-thing in spades. Jared can reportedly see no wrong in the old man, not even the patriarch’s prostitute-hiring revenge shenanigans against the in-laws. From the old man, young Jared seems to have inherited, besides billions of dollars, a convenient tolerance for holding intimate truck with the Devil if such a measure is found to be expedient, in keeping with the disingenuous idea that the ends always justify the means.

Strangely, prophetically, Kushner purchased 666 Fifth Avenue, a 41-storey fifties skyscraper, with his recently released convict father in 2007, just prior to meeting Ivanka and the real estate market credit crash of 2008, and long before the Trump presidency was even a gleam in Satan’s eye. 666 is the ‘Number of the Beast’ (of the Apocalypse), as we all surely know. Currently, 666 Fifth Avenue is scheduled to be demolished, with an 81-storey phallic glass tower designed by the recently deceased architect, Zaha Hadid, to be raised in its place.