To Donald Trump Jr., Putin and his Criminal Cronies are the ‘Go-to Guys’

Oliver Wasow, ‘Donald Trump Jr.,’ Photo-based art, 2017.

Donald Jr. just doesn’t get it. Can’t get it… He’s so clueless, so stupid, so critically uninformed, that he publicly confessed and released the incriminating emails on Twitter, essentially Tweeting his own indictment, because he has NO idea what’s wrong with ANYTHING he’s done. He’s in the dock, there’s no getting out of it, and he has no idea. More to the point, he’s now well within Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sights, and he has no idea what, exactly, that means. (Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor For, ‘Special counsel Mueller wants to see Don Jr.’s emails, joining senate Intelligence panel members who want to bring him in to testify,’ 11 July 2017.)

“One White House official went so far as to stop communicating with the president’s embattled son, although this official spoke sympathetically about his plight, casting Trump Jr. as someone who just wants to hunt, fish and run his family’s real estate business… Critics of Trump Jr. counter that he should have known better than to accept a meeting with someone who was explicitly described in an email as a “Russian government attorney.” (Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker, ‘Category 5 hurricane’: White House under siege by Trump Jr.’s Russia revelations,’ July 12, 2017.)

But that’s the whole point; Trump Jr. can’t understand what is wrong with having political truck with the Putin and his criminal government as, since he was a young adult, Putin-sponsored Russian government banks like VEB and Eastern-European oligarch money-laundering specialty quasi-criminal corporations like Deutsche Bank have been bailing his 5th-time bankrupt family businesses out of financial ruin ever since U.S. banks or legitimate international banks would no longer lend or extend credit to Trump Sr. or any of his business concerns. He’d stiffed them, like nearly every other contractor, too many times, through not paying his debts and/or filing for bankruptcy.

So, to Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka (and now Jared Kushner with his 666 5th Avenue property bail-out from Russian-sponsored loans), Putin, his oligarch cronies, the corrupted Russian governments and their agents are the good guys who have saved their asses for just about the past 15 years by loaning hundreds of millions of dollars, extending credit, or ‘investing’ in the Trump brand (money laundering through their businesses and hotels). Putin, his cabal, his cronies, the corrupt, criminal, murdering, Human Rights-abusing Russian government, and/or associated Criminal States are who you go to for money when you’re in deep trouble, and who always come across because they’re going to put your father (or father-on-law, in the case of Kusner) into the White House.

Then, clambering over the corpse of the United States as a functioning democracy (already classified as a “flawed democracy,” since Trump’s election, according to international business standards), to reach the international credibility and prestige and all the trade deals and political influence you could ever possibly want pot-of-gold.

If you are: a Trump or Trump in-law; a trusted Trump associate, servitor, or functionary; a criminal partner with Trump in felony fraud like Felix Sater and many others; a criminal government like-unto the Mafia, not recognized or traded with by legitimate First World democracies and not admitted into the E.U. or Nato due to your international and domestic criminal activities, like Putin’s Russia, you are by definition not merely anti-social but a functioning sociopath. You are cognitively disabled from seeing anything wrong with any of this.

Trump Jr. has no clue. He only knows Putin and his cronies have been saving his father’s and the family fortune’s ass with hundreds of millions of dollars-worth of dirty money cash transfusions for over a decade. To him, they’re the ‘go-to’ guys.