Trump, Hair, Rape and Lies

The ignominious Truth concealed by the signature hair style of the president

Trump is so armoured — so defended. He insists on styling and preparing his own hair each morning, which requires copious amounts of gel product and fixative, even though there is a full crew of aestheticians and stylists on hand at all times in the White House.

The helmet-like coif conceals the fact that Trump’s pate is mostly bald except for the patch of transplanted hair-bearing scalp on the top, the operation to achieve which result occasioned the violent sexual assault allegation that first wife, Ivana Trump, alleged in a sworn affidavit during their divorce proceedings in 1990. (She has since ‘gentled’ this allegation, under pressure, with Trump acting through his lawyers to quash both the rape charge and the testimony that he’d ever had a hair transplant operation.)

The divorce deposition revealed that the procedure was done by Ivana’s cosmetic surgeon, whom she had recommended to her husband for a scalp reduction operation, reputedly more successful and convincing a procedure than simple hair transplants. The procedure had not resulted in the luxurious mane Trump had been expecting, didn’t look good or convincing, and moreover hurt like hell.

Shortly after, when Trump was still experiencing pain and wasn’t at all happy with the artificial-looking result, he attacked Ivana in their bedroom while she was brushing her own, genuine, full head of luxurious blonde hair. It seems Trump was inordinately jealous of Ivana’s mop. He grabbed her by the offending hair and dragged her onto the floor, pulling out fistfuls of hair in the process.

He then raped her, according to her original testimony. The next morning, when she was still reeling from the assault and her wounded scalp, and he was still behaving belligerently toward her, he menacingly asked, “Does it hurt?”

Trump climbing aboard the presidential helicopter
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