Trump Might Kill Himself if Criticism Doesn’t Stop?

Photo Credit Joseph Sohm: shutterstock

“Eric Trump stopped by The Joe Pags Show for a radio interview, and it got weird,’ is the article lead in. (Chris Sosa, ‘Eric Trump Suggests Harsh Criticism Could Make Donald Trump Suicidal,’ AlterNet, Aug. 30, 2017)

The radio interview the junior Trump gave was for Joe Pags, who hosts a nationally-syndicated conservative radio show. In this interview, according to Sosa, “…in the span of fifteen minutes, he said something racist, blamed a giant anti-Trump conspiracy for his father’s unpopular presidency and, for no good reason, brought up suicide.”

This is very interesting in several complex ways: Eric Trump is not intelligent or intellectually sophisticated enough to conceal his parent’s evident mental illness they (he and his siblings) have been closeting — the apparent fact that the Trump children have been so deeply emotionally surrogated into propping up their father, of coddling and supporting his voracious, fragile ego, that this son believes that this crazy notion, that Trump might off himself if his narcissistic fix of constant approval, admiration, flattery, attention, and fame is not supplied, is ‘normal’ or self-evident enough to share on public media.

As Chris Sousa of Alternet phrased it, “The interview went further off the rails as Eric either made a cavalier suicide quip or was informing the world that suicidal ideation is a standard response to scrutiny in his family.”

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