People praise chat system and is it better?

Yes, when Slack came out, I jumped in immediately hoping that my email nightmares will disappear. One account, everything will be settled…

Did it?

No, not at all.

Not only Slack, FB Messenger, any kind of chat system is vulnerable of misunderstanding.
The reason is, it’s not threaded.

Although Slack did introduce the thread system but are the people taking advantage and the using that? Then what about Messenger?

I hate, totally hate, hate chat system.
Especially when the timeline is processed at realtime.
People expect you to respond immediately.
But the flow of chat keeps on going.

You never know which question or which subject your counterpart is talking about in the chat system.
You say, “yes” to the 2 lines above but you actually meant to say yes to subject “5 lines ago” which leaves you wondering what on earth you are talking about.

The next thing you do is explain what that “yes” meant.
This is a waste of time and effort.

Then emails? SPAMS!

What about emails where people answer or bring out totally different subject on the thread without changing the title?
This is annoying as well along with the spams that clutter up in the trash bin and sometimes you have to search for false positives from hundreds of spams.

Emails are problems.
People send loads of info for you to read which takes lot of time.
Whether true positives, false positives (we call it “ham”), false negatives, true negatives, it wastes your time searching for the right answer. 
In this case, authorization required chat system works like a charm but when too many people sending messages at once, it gets out of hand.

How many hours do people spend clearing up the clustered emails?
One of the mailing list which I’m in has over 320 unread messages.
It’s just that I can’t keep up with the people responding just saying “yes”, “no”, “thank you” and the important details get left behind.

Just Googled “how many hours spent processing emails per day” and this was the result!

The answer is that it takes a chunk out of your precious work time.
Huff Post says 6.3 hours?! OMG!!!!

Out of 8 hours of work, that almost 80% of work time!!!
How many hours do you work?

I don’t care if it is 1 hour, 2 hours, or even 5 hours processing emails.
Responding to emails takes a long time.
It’s not just simply answering like the chat system.
The SMTP makes it even more time consuming in sending emails.

In my case, I’m my own boss.
I wake up and check emails of over 5 accounts, FB messenger, and other SNS accounts that people send messages to.
I carry 4 cell phones for all different use. If I narrow it down to one, battery will run out in about an hour. People call me, send messages, email attachments, inquire product services all day long.

How should I control all these? 
I can’t! That’s why I have over 320 unread emails in just one mailing list.
I have more unread. But this is called controlling what you read and what you don’t want to read. So, in my case, I’m controlling by not controlling.

Are they important?
Since nothing is happening even though with that many unread messages, you tend to understand that life can carry on without them.
You eventually learn that these haunting numbers of unread emails can just be put aside and not be bothered with. Ha Ha!

Ironically, this would be called as the Controlling the Uncontrollable.

Let it go!

In this case, chat system is like a flow of water.
No matter how important, information flow through in time and once it’s gone, it’s really hard to catch up and can’t drink all that water at given time.

Then, why need of notification that distracts and stalls your productivity?

If we can get rid of the all emails and chats, we could make life much simpler and quieter. Not to mention telephone calls as well.

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