trouble with the stick PC

transferred from Hatena Blog
written on March 9th, 2016.

Have you ever owned a “stick” PC?
These are PC that are like Amazon FireTV stick.
Instead of Linux/Android/Fire OS, Windows is installed.

Many companies 2 years ago introduced them to the market.
Did they catch the wave? 
Not at all.

Well, the there are advantages and many more disadvantages owning these things.
The advantage is the size and price.
You connect to the monitor (TV) using HDMI terminal.
Powers up from a 5V micro USB connector.
That’s about it.

The disadvantage is size and quality.
Hey, I thought that you just wrote size was an advantage?
Yes, you can carry it in your pocket, but you need more things.
Mouse, Keyboard, monitor that has HDMI terminal, USB cables.
Along with all this, the major disadvantage is the heat dissipation.

Yes, HEAT!

Due to the size limit, it usually has Intel Atom CPU.
But they heat up quite a lot.
The one I bought has a Cherry Tail Atom x5-Z8300.
It’s powerful for the size but too slow and heats up.
Yes, the heat is the culprit.
It hangs up the machine quite often under Windows 10.
Also, it’s pre-installed with a Win 10-32 bit OS and you need lots of CPU power to do anything which heats up the machine more.
I must stress this again: this hangs up the machine quite often.

Even though with this size of machine, it has a fan to pull out the hot hair from the system, but come on… Look at the size compared to the USB cables.

Due to the size, once a little number crunching starts, it heats up quickly.
The versatility of this machine is very limited.
Then why did I buy it?
I wanted to find out what they really were in order to make an opinion.

BTW, due to Windows limitation, you can’t simply start connecting using Bluetooth keyboard and mouse like the Macs. You need a physical USB keyboard and USB mouse first. This clogs up the limited USB ports.

Word to the wise, my conclusion was that you’re better off buying a Raspberry Pi3 and installing any other than Windows.