UCD Charrette Process

In the Charrette we did in the studio section, we basically did some fast, intense design activities. The lecturer introduced the topics by first talking about the navigation system on smart vehicles. We then concluded that in different circumstance, people have different needs. Thus, designing from a user-experience perspective is what we need to think.

our brainstorming of different users and vehicles

With this in mind, we brainstormed different kind of users and vehicles and chose one to create the scenario. Finally, we made a presentation about our designing.

In my group, our assignment was to design a vehicle for mermaid. Since mostly, our designs are for human-being, it is hard to think from a fictitious character’s angle. But it’s good to know later when I design something, I should think in a more comprehensive way. Therefore, we designed a controller for little mermaid to control the temperature, salinity, food service, entertain. During this process, I found it was hard to make the navigation system clear and concise. Due to the limited time, we got a lot of bottoms on the screen which could be more perspicuous.

group presentation

I really enjoyed the way that we worked together to come out a lot of good ideas. Even some were whimsical but definitely creative. In the process, we were really like designers and created something new and unique from users’ perspectives. We designed vehicles for the deaf, for mermaid, and for giraffe. We imagined a possible scenario and conceived what they really need and how to make them comfortable. I really loved the process of brainstorming and the sense of achievement.

I believe this kind of technique is very meaningful in the future. Since we designed interface screens on vehicles, the most obvious way is applying on vehicles. Like what we discussed in class, we can design special touch screen for family in car. We can separate the screen into two parts: one for parents includes navigation, music and one for children includes entertains and education. Parents can control children’s part and might find their children’s location through a special position system.

At last, I really enjoyed this Charrette and group project. Looking forward to next studio.