Trees in Tallinn, fall 2014

Invisible Forces Shape Us Anyhow

So, why do we ignore the unseen?

If I look at the tree, I won’t see the winds that made it so twisting, but I see the result. If I look at the ocean, waves and ripples allow to feel the forces behind, even though I may not see them.

Invisible forces are present in nature, in life, in relationships. In fact they shape us — however we manage to pretend it’s not so. We see and hear something which is the result of invisible opinion or voice that is present. Some info is hidden, but you could see the effect in the way you talk or act.

For example: in some culture like Ukraine when a woman is over 30 and doesn’t have a child, she is responding to the question: “Do you have children?” along with explanation why she doesn’t have a child yet. Even though it was not asked, it was implied (unless it’s consciously noticed and one does not go into the explaining part). In another culture like in the US, a woman in her 30th who has a child to the same question will answer “yes” along with explanation why she does have a child — “you know, I thought it was good to have one”, convincing some voice (outside or inside). Meaning: in the first case the invisible voice is “judging for not having a child”, and on the second case the invisible voice is “judging for having a child — why bother?” Sorry for simplification — to make a point. The world is changing.

If a person in X country is saying: we won’t be on the outskirts of the world progress, that would mean that the invisible opinion that is present on the other side — is in fact about fear of being thrown out on the outskirts of the world progress. In the Deep Democracy Institute this invisible force or information (if we look at it as to the information field) is called a ghost role. Its voice is invisible, yet one could feel it. In order not to simplify it here, I’d recommend to attend at least one DDI seminar to get it and understand how to relate to the ghost roles. It’s not easy. It’s a practice and a learning path.

My main point here is to give tribute to something we can’t measure, to something we don’t see, but feel. Exactly: count on your feelings and sensations! They are as real as anything else. It’s like gravity. This force pulls us to the ground, and we don’t see it, but we feel it, and it’s real! Nobody argues.

So, trust the invisible, your feelings and thoughts. And once in a while ask yourself: What is present, but not seen (yet)? What is not said? This is the first step to be aware, enjoy life and have fun in relationships.

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