What happens when one of the world’s biggest companies takes a shot at care? What are their strengths, and what plays into their advantage? Can they apply the same principles they applied for other businesses, and most importantly, can they tailor the fabric of care itself? Here are some of my thoughts on how Amazon has the power to create a real impact and become the most admired healthcare brand in the world. What it can do and what it needs to do to address a $3.6 trillion question?

Healthcare, as we know it.

Why does the healthcare of today feel like that it is stuck in generations ago? Why can’t the tools, technology, and services of today be applied to the basic human need that feels complete and seamless? How can we create experiences that not only fulfill but celebrate human lives?

The Playbook

Amazon Flywheel

The Moment of Acceleration

Here are some of my thoughts on how Amazon is poised to reshape the archaic healthcare world to create a meaningful brand adored by many for years to come.

1. Behavior Change

7 Steps of Robinson’s Model of Behavior Change

2. Care Journeys vs. Episodic Approach

Care Access vs Cost in United States
A Patient Journey (Inspiration by Katie McCurdy)

3. Economics of Care

Health Care Spending as a Percent of GDP, 1980–2018

There is something wrong here. The economics of providing care does not match outcomes. We are not getting healthier! On the contrary, we are struggling to have a system that balances the economics and outcome of care.

4. Alternate Care Settings

Virtual Care

Patient Experience

Tech Powered Clinics — © Forward Health

Home Care

CENSON® Digital Assistant

5. Prime for Care

6. Built for Clinicians

Physician Burnout Causes

“ We’ve been wrong about what our job is in medicine. We think our job is to ensure health and survival. But really it is larger than that. It is to enable well-being.”

The Exam of Future — by Nuance

7. Quality Marketplace

Roma (left) and PillPack products

8. Healthcare and Cloud

A Brand that is Loved

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