Is My Website Trustworthy?

Is My Web Website Trustworthy and Credible?

As our society develops, there is new creative ways of educating yourself, lately the most common one has been the internet. Most students use the web to expand their knowledge on a subject, making it important to get accurate facts.

To write a good research paper, you need credible information to support what it is you are talking about.

The issue with searching for information on the internet is how anyone can post something false. For example, an article titled “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)”, was one that I wanted to look a close at to use the facts on it.

It was easy to immediately see this website looks plain and has no author or date to show when this information was released.

Making it hard to see this as credible information, that can be used in your essay. The website’s name is “Something Fishy Website on Eating Disorder”, made to help educate others on the different types of eating disorders going around.

I have a lot of information but no one educated person to back it up. Even the hyperlinks on the site lead to other places on the same site, making it credited by itself.

An incredible site has no author, credible hyperlinks, and dated articles, yet the page this article is on doesn’t have any of that.

The authors signature supporting points are how the national disorder can come in any size, how commons it is, and how Ednos is used to describe this illness.

Reliability and Credibility

The set-up of the webpage containing the article “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)”, projects information in a plain and unsupported manner, causing it to be useless. To support an essay with a website, you need the main elements to verify a page’s credibility.

These elements include the following: author, links, purpose, objective, accuracy, currency, and reliability, without them a web page would be hard to use in an essay. 
The best site would have all these elements to have the credibility necessary to make an article strong.

The credibility of this piece is not strong at all yet it is factually information that is being posted for the readers. Since this information is not proved to be credible then how are we as student learning supposed to rely on the information we read online.

How should I believe this website and its facts if there is no one backing it up with their credentials? The information this web page is exposing to us is something commonly talked about and can easily be backed up yet it has not done a good job doing so.

This website “Something Fishy”, is very informative for the people that do not know anything about the national eating disorder.

It’s not very good for someone that already know the basics and want to advance their research. If wishing to further an investigation I recommend going to another website to get new factual facts.

This is not a useful page to use when wanting accurate research, this would be if you just want to learn something brief from this topic.


The author of a website is very important and the one I chose to take a closer look at, is titled “Something Fishy” started in 1995.

The origins of the title “Something Fishy” can mean anything, in this case, it is talking about how our nation’s eating disorder is something fishy that we should keep a closer eye on. The goal I was trying to achieve, was to verify if the information given in this website is authentic, this way your facts won’t be false.

In this website, the author is hard to find, in fact there is no one taking claim over these articles.

Due to the author’s name not being anywhere visible, this site would be considered a bad sign. After searching around, I saw a “feel free to contact us” link, where the person who runs the website should be, but it went to an error page.

Seeing that, shows there is no credible person linked on this site, that can’t validate this page. That makes it very useless in an essay where you need factually material.

The author mentions how doctors view this issue and how it should be taken care of yet they do not reveal how they know about it.

The writer’s knowledge seems very educated but how they want others to know about this subject and not wanting credit is sort of selfless. Along with lacking credentials, this page also has very plain format causing it to be difficult to find.

At the top banner, a phone number is posted saying it can help, look at options for eating disorder treatment.

Using this website as a tool, can help find out if you are suffering from an eating disorder, that has been affecting your life and they can help with treatment.

This site looks appealing to use but without an author it should not be used in an essay.

The question now, is how can we believe the information given to us by a mystery writer and how can we make sure it is true? The author points out the errors doctors can make when they are blindsided by this disorder, it is common for them not to know much on the topic.

Just be aware how doctors don’t know everything and it’s always important to check up on your body.


The overall purpose of this page is to inform others on the eating disorders that are out there and how it can be treated. The audience this website is intended for is people interested in the topic Ednos, or in other words “eating disorder otherwise specified”.

It could also be useful for readers looking for further information, whether that includes what they have been going through or/and want to seek treatment.

This specific page is for the public rather than a scholarly audience, this is noticeable due to the basic information given.

The article named “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)”, helps break up the problem that this disorder can cause. In the recent generation, websites need an author to give their page credibility, without it the websites cannot be trustworthy or believable to anyone on internet.

Most of the information looks more like opinions, which also is a bad sign because it doesn’t even release whose opinion it is.

It all sounds factually and according to the links provided it is correct but anonymous information.

The overall point of this website is to explain more information on the topic, with hyperlinks to other pages on the site. A positive detail on this page is how the posts and blogs are spaced out to appeal to a reader which helps the posts easier to read.

The ending purpose is for the audience to call the number at the top of the page, then pay for treatment that may or may not help your situation.

There is no specific product or price given on the page but they want you to seek help, they even give a list of medicines that could help your symptoms


The whole website consists of hyperlinks to help verify what they are posting online. Mostly when the author state a term they hyperlink the word to another part of the site that can give you further details on what they tried to say.

The links all lead to this national eating disorder yet because they all are from the same website they are all pointless.

Since the website consist of information only backed up by the incredible hyperlinks, this makes the links useless adding on to the negatives for this site.

Some links even go to error for example the one use to contact the maker of the website, this makes it hard to find out where the information is coming from.

This website is not in the least authorized by anyone with credibility and that makes this a page, one that you should not want to use for a good paper. The links like everything else on this site has no mention of why they are placed as hyperlinks.

Some examples of this is where it shows every update that has been made since the beginning of the websites existences.

It’s a hyperlink that says “Sites Updates” , showing the month and year something updated and a bunch of hyperlinks revealing other sections of the website.

Letting the reader see how recent this page has been posted and checked up on by the creator. The website began running in 1995, it was last been modified over ten years ago, making this website too old to use.

While writing an essay, you want to get information that not only back up your statement but also be up to date with it as well.

The recent site updates list, lets us know how old the information is then also shows how it can be more advanced now.


Ultimately this website does not seem like something student should use for their research, the site has no name to verify the information.

On this site in the “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS)”, is states “In either case, both people are suffering with an Eating Disorder, both are in danger of potentially deadly physical complications, and both need to make a choice for recovery”.

The anonymous writer was attempting to show the audience how this illness can cause problems, not just affecting appearance.

Though this site has a lot of factual statements, it does not have anyone vouching for the articles posted on this page. I believe other sites include this information plus more detailed descriptions, so the web would not need this site online.

To write a good paper the facts in it, would have to be cleared by a licensed person.

Something this website is obviously missing, making this page not credible that wouldn’t be allowed to use in a professional essay.

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