Why your hope has no business in my inbox

I received a text message from the depths of hell last night (yes, this is dramatic but no less true). This message was an invitation to lunch and it said “Hope you are doing ok.” It was like an old friend or ex was reaching out seemingly from nowhere wanting to catch up. It was familiar, considerate, and welcoming. Unfortunately, I cannot believe any of this to be true. I do not believe that he hopes I am doing ok. And here is why.

I am in the business of change and I spend my time coming up with solutions to seemingly impossible problems and identifying agents and advocates of change. And I do this because I am committed to a better world.

That text message didn’t just come from anyone and it most certainly did not come from a friend or ex. It came from a multi-millionaire businessman who not only has the ability to “hope” I am doing okay but also has the power to ensure it. But instead, he chose to be the opposition when he could have been an advocate.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed up unannounced at his office. We’d never met but we were informally acquainted. I showed up to confront him about his involvement in a project that directly conflicted with one I was leading. More importantly, the purpose of his project was to kill mine. Now I won’t go into details about this encounter here but in summation his hope has no business in my inbox.

During our first and only conversation, he told me that he was committed to uplifting black people and that he wants to give them a piece of the pie. My response was “That’s great! Can you please tell me why you are disrupting my business then? When you have the power to not only stop this but to be a part of its success?”

His response, “Well, you’re right. But, ...”

And there it was. He spent two hours trying to get me to like him. But what he was really doing was trying to get me not to fight him. He kept saying “I’m so sorry this happened like this.” Because his mind was already made up. And he was working overtime to keep my fight contained.

But, unfortunately for him, my fight cannot be contained. And his hope has no business in my inbox.


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