Back in February 2015 I have written some random thoughts on our current approaches to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and I have observed based on Google’s yesterday announcements on I/O 2017 that some of my points are valid and empirically proven.

Follows the full essay dated back to Feb 22, 2015 and posted on my personal Facebook timeline:

You see, the problem with actual artificial intelligence approaches is that they focus too much on the software while in my view the problem lies in the current hardware architecture.

Yes, our brains are like computers and we do rely on electrical current and pulses for our own human automata to work. …

⌘⌥ Yg!  Ygor Lemos

CTO & Co-Founder @PiniOn — Software Engineer && Systems Architect && Full Stack Dev — iOS, Android, Titanium, C++, Python, Swift, NodeJS, Linux, MongoDB &DevOps

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