Why I support Solévolt

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I have always had a little thing for technology and start-ups, and development issues:) In Beirut I met an amazing, incredible, fantastic woman, Rosalia, an aid-worker and co-founder a tech-startup called Solévolt.

As Europeans or Americans we often cannot fathom living without stable, reliable electricity — To many people, not being able to charge a smartphone or laptop is a serious concern. But millions of people around the world live without access to this precious commodity and as a result cannot safely store food, or read at night.

Solévolt is an off-grid solar energy company producing an energy system made of a solar panel and a battery pack. The system is all pug-and-play and capable of supplying enough energy to satisfy household power needs for hours, including powering small appliances. The application is simple but the impact of this product is immense. Consider the fishermen in the Philippines is now able to power a cold-storage box on his boat to keep his fish fresh until reaching port. Or a clinic in New Guinea that now has confidence that valuable vaccines and medications can be stored appropriately. Or the group of young children in Haiti who can now read and study after dark because their homes have access to a bank of power.

When Rosalia and her business partner Brandly explained Solévolt to me I was immediately struck by the massive potential this product has to make a difference in the world. And when they asked me to be their business advisor I jumped at the opportunity to support them; not only because I love Rosalia but also because I love what Solévolt represents. They have recently launched an indigogo campaign to raise funds to grow this project. So if you, like me, think this is an idea worth backing, then…take your credit card and show your support! Simple!

I’m happy to provide more info or put you in contact with Rosalia if needed! Ciaoooo