Some people believe that university students should pay all the cost of studies because university education only benefit the students themselves not the society as a whole. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has been a highly charged issue that university students bear the whole cost of studies because the society can expect the least benefits from the people of university education. However, I oppose the idea that university students ᅟare responsible for their tuition.

First of all, many advanced countries adopted a system which the government lend money for the university students’ tuition to the students at very low interest rate. Additionally, the government also do not require the students pay back the money as soon as they graduated. If the students cannot get a job, the government postpone the obligation to pay back the money until they are able to have a stable income. These are very obvious actions for the society to share the burden to study in university with the students. Thus, any society which is reluctant to help the university students financially need to learn the advanced societies’ policies to subsidize the university students for their tuition.

Secondly, there is a very evident proof that highly educated people have tremendously contributed to improving the whole society in many aspects. More specifically, most social or scientific innovations have come from the people’s ideas who have studied in university. For example, Google, Apple and Microsoft are very actively seeking people who have studied in university and these companies have also paid a huge amount of tax annually to the country, which can benefit the public in the country. Thus, nobody cannot deny the fact that a society is receiving many benefits from the people who have studied in university. Accordingly, the request to help university students financially should be seriously considered.

In conclusion, the two obvious reasons which are many advanced countries are providing many ways to lessen the financial burden of studying in university and university education is actually conducive to make our society better are strongly support that a society need to share the cost of university education and encourage more people to have a chance to study in university.

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