Some people think that too much money has been spent looking after repairing old buildings, so we should knock down old buildings and build modern ones instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people insist that money should be spent to construct new buildings instead of maintaining obsolete ones. However, I object the idea that people would be better off if they abolish old buildings and build new ones. The next reasons will be sufficient to support my object for the idea.

First of all, there are many memorable buildings closely correlated with people’s lives that money cannot compensate the value of them. Generally, these buildings have many meanings to people in various aspects. For example, in my village, there is a house aged for 100 years. Most people who have grown up in my village have unforgettable memories with the building. The house was main playground for me and my friends, when we are children. If the house should be destroyed because of financial issue, it will be not only the disappearance of one old house but the eradication of our valuable memories.

Secondly, some buildings are playing a key role in educating people about historical fact. If we just remove these buildings owing to the cost of sustaining the buildings, it is tantamount to an erroneous belief that anything is not profitable any more deserves to be abandoned regardless of their intangible values. Thus, people need to recognize those buildings’ hidden value and think about how to fully utilize these precious assets people inherited from their ancestors. If not so, people will end up with facing the circumstance that there is nothing left to leave our next generation to come.

In conclusion, as we have seen above, those old buildings are still meaningful to people’ lives as well as educational purpose. Therefore, people should be encouraged to preserve our historical and meaningful building.

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