The number of plants and animals s declining. Describe some reasons for this problem suggest some suggestion

Many scientists seriously concern that the pace of disappearing of the variety of animals and plants is becoming faster than ever before. There are many reasons to cause this problem. Some of these cause will be analysed and some solutions to overcome the problem will be dealt with.

First of all, the most influential factor to devastate the habitat for the animals and plant is the human’s greed to consume more, which result in producing more garbage. In modern world, consumption tend to be regarded as a virtue, as the modern economy is basically based on people’s desire to waste more products. Obviously, one cannot imagine the society where nobody want to purchase any products which are produced by someone else. Thus, people’s desire to consume more is hugely contributing to the risk of extinction of animals and plants and the waste as a result of consumption is also aggravating the problem.

To tackle the problem, people need to fully recognize the consequence of their reckless consumption which affect negatively to the environment where many different species of animal and plant. This is because if people fully understand the outcome, that they will encounter, by their reckless consumption, it will be likely to play a role to deter people’s desire to consume more. For example, one of my friends who always wants to buy a new product and throw it away as soon as he lose his interest about the item had a life-changing experience after watching a documentary program introducing the influence of people’s reckless consumption to the natural environment for the animals and plants.

In conclusion, nobody cannot deny the fact that human’s greed to consume or have more items is endless. If people do not fully understand the devastating result for the disappearing animals and plant in the planet due to people’s uncontrolled desire, they will end up with living the place where nobody cannot live

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