The problem caused by work-related stress(such as loss of productivity) has become a concern for both employers and workers.
What do you think the main causes of work-related stress are and how can they be avoid?

It has been a highly charged issue that the stress level people are experiencing in the workplace has been a serious problem for related parties. In this article, I will analyze the main attributes of evoking stress and suggest some solutions to lessen the stress level.

On the one hand, the most evident reason of maintaining the high stress level in the workplace is a social relationship with their coworkers. Many workers complain that their coworkers are not very cooperative in doing the assigned tasks. In particular, some coworkers are extremely stubborn, which make them really hard to work together and the workplace an unpleasant place for most employees. As a result, many employees seems to have received much stress from the unavoidable relationship with their coworkers with bad attitudes in the company.

With the rising stress level in the company, the main solutions for the problem are that the employees need to find a way to develop an ability to make a good relationship with their coworkers and the company also need to eradicate any obstacles which deter smooth relationship among workers. In addition to this, introducing meditation class is also very conducive to decreasing the overall stress level in the workplace as many other companies which have adopted the class has shown that the employees’ a sense of happiness has tremendously improved than ever before.

In conclusion, the stress in the workplace is causing many problems for both the companies and workers. The reason of causing the stress is people’s inability to make a smooth relationship with their coworkers. Therefore, the company which facing the stress problem should seriously consider those suggested solutions for the problem.

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