Stories Without a Home.

This project is entitled “Stories Without a Home”. There are around 250,000 people sleeping rough in the UK, and unfortunately that number is steadily rising. The first purpose of this piece is to highlight the complexities of this crisis; many people often overlook the fact that problems are often layered, with a multitude of underlying factors that all led to a person becoming and remaining homeless. Just as importantly; this piece aims to tell the stories of and give a voice to those that are overlooked on a daily basis, and often viewed as a nuisance rather than people.

A person seems to lose all respect when they lose their home.

Each of the elements (the interviewing and shooting, audio and video editing, poetry-writing and sketching) were all done by me using amateur equipment to encourage a sense of ‘realness’ and to allow the audience to relate to the people and their very real stories.

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