Day 3 of Pushing Hard!

It’s been now three days since I have started limiting my use to social media; and that is, only up to two hours per day! I have been an addict to social media that I could not notice how drastically my creativity was killed.

After reading articles on Medium — and some of them were truly inspiring — I decided that change is NOW, or never. Let me illustrate this to you: Change is when you put your phone beside you on the table. Change is when you decide not to use that phone only for educative purposes, though it’s full of social media apps. Change is when you struggle hard to do that, but you eventually set one foot in your goal. Change is when you feel like today was not like any other day. So, quit saying change is when things will take a sudden turn. No, never will it happen. If you do not embrace change, it won’t embrace you back; and thus change becomes a mirage to you, just like a thirsty man in the desert.

Mind you! Change does not occur in an instance; it requires time and patience. It also requires to be stubborn when it comes to external distractions. Say NO! Push your brain to its limits until it can ignore all those distractions. Easier said than done. That, I agree with. But it wouldn’t hurt to try — pain, however, is essential in order to make progress.

Yesterday, it took me five hours to complete a hundred page — it was a goal I have set. Today, it only took me 3 hours to reach my 100 pages. This has only happened within the period of three days. If I kept a good pace, I would be ending books within a day. I am pushing hard now, but not as hard as I think I can; I have the potential to push even further, and so do you.

Believe in yourself but also challenge it!

That said, I bid you farewell!

P.S: Writing is part of my daily routine now because I need to train myself to overcome writer’s block; well, somehow I feel like this article did not require me any mental strength. In fact, thoughts showered my brain — I don’t know though if they’re worthy, but it does not matter as long as my fellow Medium readers gets to benefit from a modest experience such as this.

P.S 2: No editing, not even a word…as if it matters.