“women are weak” I wouldn’t call weak people who continue to go to events to defend their points of…
Catarina Vieira

Pretty badass to call people garbage humans, shitlords and shitheads to their faces?

Isn’t it wrong and disgusting? I mean, I am the person outside of all that movement, so when I saw this thing, I started to read on both sides of argument. What I see is Anita who blocks likes and comments on all her videos where she blatantly lies about a lot of things, and Sargon, who’s youtube comments is full of people telling him he should die in horrors and torture.

People joined the panel in a movement of peaceful process, without name calling, without throwing things at her, without doing anything to her.

In response to that, she called him and people around them garbage humans, called security as soon as she saw them (and that is actually a proof of their lack of wrongdoing — otherwise they would be removed from the panel), and proceeded to deflect all the questions people tried to ask.

(Also, while learning about all that situation, I saw a lot of “shitheads” on both sides spewing hate speech. In no way I support those).

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