Like everyone else on the planet I belted Hello every chance I got — and I still do.
Hi Kerry,

That is exactly why Adele won.

I think that the main problem with perception of this ‘Beyoncé didn’t win and white people won G. 8 times in a row and that means people of colour are oppressed’ comes from the fact that people in general don’t fully grasp the simple fact: statistics work poorly on small representations. And even if representation was big, 8 concurrent wins would not be statistical anomaly.

I have to admit that I don’t really understand concept of racism since the place where I live didn’t have racial segregation at any time of the last thousand years. The fact is Beyoncé is very popular, and brand-y, and everything, but I don’t remember even one of her songs. Which is not how it is with Adele.

Let the best singer win, not “let us give the win to a person from an oppressed group because we want to make a political statement.”

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