In practice of ideation, I was asked to sketch out ten ideas I could come up with related to exercise. From those ten sketches, I was asked to create another ten sketches to enhance on some details of one of my ideas from the first ten. Along with these sketches, I needed to label the important or confusing features to communicate the design represented. Of all the sketches, I had to choose one that I thought was the most promising and explain my thought process when choosing. Finally, I had to upload them into a PDF for presentation.

My sketches can be found through this link: Page 1.pdf

During this project, I realized that less-constrained ideation gives you more to work with, but it’s harder because you want to come up with more variety. More-contrained ideation helps because you can focus on improving or solving one thing. In the future I would put more constraints on myself, even though it seems a bit annoying, because it would help in the long run.

“Was there anything that frustrated you about this project?”

I was very frustrated that I could not come up with ideas in the later part of the ideation process. It was difficult to come up with ideas when the topic was very broad. Again, if I had put some sort of self-constraint, such as specifying the topic or putting a time limit, I would have forced myself to come up with ideas sooner than the time it took me otherwise.

Some places in society where sketching ideation can make a difference include a restaurant, a park, or anywhere that involves a user. Perhaps ideation in a restaurant can help a server carry food to a table easier, or useful ideation in technology can increase restaurant organization and decrease wait time. Ideation in a park could potentially make recycling or throwing away trash easier to understand or even encouraged. If a person often gets lost in a park, there could be ideas used to prevent those types of problems from happening.

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